Accessorize for a Rock Concert

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Any music lover especially if you are a punk-rock fan and going to attend a rock show, will definitely adore the following rock clothing ideas which give you some really great tips on how to accessorize for a rock concert.

A rock concert’s ambience is extremely energetic as well as thrilling. The loud music of the guitars makes you go almost entirely ‘mad and crazy’. So, choosing an apt outfit is exceedingly important and highly advisable. You just can’t go there wearing a summer dress or any long dress along with high heels. You have to get rid of such conventional dressing ideas and follow some of my advice for your attire and this will end up making you a complete rock chic for sure. Keep in mind the specific colors that you choose for your outfit, shoes, make-up and all other things. Black is the most preferred color here but you can go with colors like maroon, dark green, dark blue or brown for that matter. So let’s start off with our hot rocking look achieved by following these simple steps:



To look all hot and smoky, why not try out some torn-jeans or even a pair of simple shorts which will keep the look elegant yet rocking? You can also team up the shorts with plain black stockings to add that extra ‘oomph’ factor to your look.

If you’re thinking about wearing a skirt instead, then absolutely go for it! Try getting a leather skirt if you have one. Colors like black, magenta, dusty brown, etc. look really cool. Make sure that the skirt is above knee length because you’re going to wear stockings inside so as to flaunt your legs perfectly.

Now you must know that the venue will eventually get hot and even hotter with all the jumping and singing. The place will be cramped with loads of people and you’ll become sweaty soon. So, to avoid the feeling of ’taking off all the clothes’, go for cotton-based clothes like cotton tank-tops and crop- tops. If these two aren’t present in your wardrobe, then simply play it cool with a basic black cotton tee. You can also wear sweat shirts if you want to try something different for a change. Inside the sweat shirt, sport a nice tee. Just don’t make it too heavy for yourself. If you are thin, stick to skinny outfits and tough accessories. Do not go for anything that is hanging off your body or is loose as it will make you look extremely dowdy and lousy.

A jacket is one of the absolute musts for such an occasion. So, grab a black leather jacket and you are ready to rock. If you have a short jacket, then it’s perfect to show off your tee. A jacket will add on another level of style to your personality. If you don’t have a jacket, then just wear your top and a woolen sweater on it. Again, keep colors in mind and then only choose your clothes. Now, you might be wondering what to do if you want to wear a long dress? Yes, you can definitely wear long dresses but you just can’t wear a summer dress and go. You have to choose a dress that will go with the occasion. If you decide to wear something long, then go for a maxi with flowery patterns on it. Or go for cotton long dresses but keep in mind that it’s not too long. Else your dress will be ruined with all that stamping over it. You can also try out lace dresses in dark colors. You can wear stockings inside if you want or even not with this sort of dress. Always wear something that you enjoy wearing. Remember that the place is bound to get hot.  So choose your dresses wisely.


Use fuck-bands, metal bracelets or rubber bracelets. You can always sport multiple bracelets but don’t make it too heavy. Use scarves as the place will turn hot and itchy at some point of time. Try visualizing the place before your eyes before you choose your accessories.

Also go for leather jewelry and cuffs. Ear – rings can be of the long variety like metal or silver.

Wear a pendant on your neck to add the ‘Bohemian Factor’ for it will definitely suit you. Also be sure to wear dark-colored, skulls’, and belly rings. You can never use too many skulls in your accessories. Do not wear expensive jewelry at all as it might get lost or stolen amidst the crowd.


Chokers can also be worn as they stay in place during the concert. Do not wear anything that’s too long as that might become a cause for potential disaster for you while dancing. Do not overdo anything. Less is always more in this case.

Purses are important too if you are willing to carry one. Look for a purse that hangs on to your shoulder and sticks to your body. Do not carry too many things except for your money, phone and a lip balm maybe.


Shoes are sure to add another rock factor to your entire attire. So, you can definitely try converse or sneakers if you are in favor of playing it simple yet cool. You can get converse and sneakers now-a-days with various prints on them. So why not try those out? They are very comfortable and make sure that your legs won’t pain even after you leave the rock concert.

But you must avoid any variety of heels like pencil heels or stilettos, and instead stick to dark-colored wedges which have heels of not more than 2 inches to avoid bothering you while jumping. You can also try flip-flops, sandals, pen-toed heels, etc.

Boots can also be worn along with a pair of jeans or shorts. So, if you have one lying away in your closet, then you are good to go. Try using short boots to avoid any sort of trouble while jumping. And also avoid heels in the boots. Boots look extravagant and stylish when worn with perfect confidence.

Choose every aspect of your look wisely and you’re good to go. Now you’re all set for going to a rock concert and grasping all the fun of it!