How To Accessorize Your Dress Like Actual Sunshine

How To Accessorize Your Dress Like Actual Sunshine
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While summers can be excruciatingly hot, lots of people love this season. Who wouldn’t, especially when you get to drink lots of colorful juices and, most importantly, get to wear amazing yellow dresses! Of course, yellow isn’t everyone’s favourite. However, if you are looking to accessorize for summer, go for yellow. Clearly, the color yellow is quite a tricky one despite it having a vivid resemblance to a ‘happy’ state of mind. Yellow reflects laughter, fun, good times and optimism, but not all like wearing yellow, which is alright.
Thankfully, there are plenty of accessories available to suit your dress and make you look like an actual sunshine in the scorching heat. You don’t have to force yourself to follow the trend of wearing yellow; instead, you can always wear it as an accessory to create a magnificent overall look.
Below mentioned are 7 proven ways to accessorize your dress like actual sunshine!

#1 Yellow necklace

Have you tried wearing a dull color like grey or black in summers? If not, then it’s worth trying, but be sure of adding a bright yellow necklace to your wardrobe. You can pick a softer shade of dark colors and not actually the color that you would rather wear in winters. Wearing a softer shade of grey color will play a pivotal role in giving a powerful base to add flashy and statement making necklace, for example, a yellow necklace. By adding a yellow necklace, you will be creating a cheerful and brighter look of your overall outfit, which otherwise can be a very dull and jaded look.

#2 Yellow scarves

yellow-scarfScarves are indeed timeless and priceless accessories that do a fabulous job of adding a bit of glamour to your ordinary looking outfit. It is, however, vital to ensure that you remain ahead of your times and stay abreast with the latest trends throughout the year. While purchasing a scarf, make note of the colors, textures, prints, and fabrics. If you choose to go with yellow, then look for lemon yellow or mustard yellow color in your scarf. Stay open to experimenting with fabrics. Cotton, wool, pashmina and silk are all good fabrics to wear. As far as prints and textures are concerned, polkadots and ethnic prints such as batik and ikat are the most favourites among style buffs.

#3 Yellow designer clutches

Unarguably, there are plenty of different styles of designer clutch bags available in order to suit every occasion. In order to suffice your objective of dressing like an actual sunshine, it is a good idea to look for the best designer clutch bags that look stylish and offer enough space to carry your essential items. These clutch bags are often made from exquisite materials such as satin and embedded crystals, which aid in making powerful statements. A boxy yellow colored designer clutch when paired with a simple yet elegant black dress looks both smart and stylish. Try it. And, of course, feel free to experiment wearing these designer clutches with your other outfits. Well, most of the times, these designer women’s clutches aid in adding a bit of a sunshine to almost all types of outfits.

#4 Yellow footwear

yellow-footwareWearing yellow footwear is not everyone’s cup of team, admit it. However, there are ways to get away from the risk of looking like a joker. For instance, you can wear a sparkling stiletto or a lighter yellow shaded pump during the daytime. When it comes to footwear, sandals are undeniably a great option for summer, but make sure you also consider the type of activities you are planning to do and accordingly choose your footwear. Pick a style that not only compliments your overall summery look, but also gives you the much needed comfort to your feet.

#5 Yellow diamond

Did you know that yellow diamonds are one of the most commonly known colored diamonds among other natural colored diamonds? While shopping for yellow diamonds, you are likely to come across a combination of colors such as brown yellow, orange yellow and green yellow. If you fancy looking elegant and glamorous in your next formal party, make sure you put on this extremely rare and popular fancy color stone on your finger.

#6 Yellow belt

A belt plays a significant role in highlighting the torso of a woman, which means what you place around your waist will also affect the silhouette of your body. Therefore, making the decision of wearing the right belt is of utmost importance to look stylish and elegant. It is a good idea to have two types of belts in your wardrobe: a wide belt and a skinny belt, both in yellow colors.

A wide yellow belt will help in creating a seamless look of your outfit by trimming your waist. On the other hand, a skinny yellow colored belt is ideal for creating a charming and sophisticated feel to a suit. With the color yellow, since it is a neutral color,  you can be sure of wearing the belt with almost all your outfits. If you fancy creating a strong fashion statement, simply wear a basic dress with no prints, and get all the attention to the waist by wearing a classy yellow colored belt.

#7 Yellow sunglasses

yellow-sunglassesHow can we complete our list without mentioning yellow colored sunglasses! Sunglasses are undeniably the most popular fashion accessory. Sunglasses are not only an amazing stylish accessory but also an essential accessory required when time spent outdoors under the sun. When we say ‘yellow sunglasses’, we mean yellow tinted lenses. These yellow tinted lenses help in reducing the haze from blue light, which means they aid in sharpening up images, in addition to looking fashionable. In the current fashion world, large and wider frames are making a comeback. So, think of opting for a large sized sunglasses made from a material called titanium and which has yellow tinted lenses in it.

In conclusion!

Be a pretty fellow this summer by putting on such fabulous accessories on your outfit. If the color yellow does not make you go weak in your knees, no problem. Simply pair these variety of shades with neutral colors, and you are ready to go!

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of stylish women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.

  • I loved the way you have expressed your thoughts on accessorizing, but I think a yellow leather Braided Bracelet would add the grace and elegance which you can say is missing as it will make you look a lot more cool and into the sunshine look.
    A yellow watch on the left hand and a yellow bracelet on the right would make it perfect.