A Balanced Mind Reflects in a Beautiful Presence

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Beauty is essentially a sense of deep realization. You feel beautiful not by virtue of the makeup. Of course, the cosmetics are important. However, if you have a twisted mind churning inside, a whole world of cosmetic care cannot hide the ugliness. There is no other option but to feel wonderful in being amazing. It is no doubt a difficult predicament because life packs in a heavy dosage of conflicts, trials, and struggles.

Sometimes, things can be so difficult that even the simple act of smiling looks like a mammoth task. In such dark phases, let it be your beauty. Yes, the night is extraordinarily dark. Imbibe the essence of the divine darkness into dissipating the twisted influences threatening your happiness.

Stay Strong Always

stay-strongIn the face of adversity, if you relent, you lose. It is the hard truth. You need to have the necessary confidence into staying strong. Also, worrying does not help anyone. It does not solve the problem if you are panicking. Instead, matters only get worse than now. Make your fashionable expressiveness the medium of strength. Derive your courage when you put up your clothes in front of the mirror in the morning. The warriors put up their armors before leaving for the battles. Life is nothing short of a complicated conflict on different levels. Your fashionability is your weapon. Sharpen it by aligning with your inner beliefs.

Collect your Elements

You are a starchild, literally. The atoms make up everything on earth, including life. These atoms are just tiniest fragments of a galactic explosion that created life. Most people do not even deserve to have this divine realization. They are so deep in their glass houses of ego and twisted thoughts that it is always in your best interests in shunning all such elements from your life. They are also very parasitic in subtle ways. Being in contact with such people is essentially an emotionally draining experience. Often, such relationships are also physically abusive.

Defeat your Antagonistdefeat-your-antagonist

Do not let anyone tell you that you are not deserving of love. When someone says something like this, it invariably means he/she is trying to pull you down. The best way to resolve this is simple. Just stop believing the person. Tell your opponent on his face that he does not have any credibility. He is essentially abusing your trust on him. If you do not trust your antagonist, the equations of conflict simplify. Such an approach is applicable in all spheres of life, from the personal to the professional spheres.

Wear the Makeup of the Brave

Make your makeup the medium of deep expressiveness. You cannot afford to give your opponent the pleasure of seeing you down.  Instead, dress up in your best attires and shut out the other person from all aspects of your life. Now, it is your turn to enjoy the defeat of your long-term plan. Yes, it is a dark indulgence. However, when your ultimate purpose is to express the beautiful, the density of black transforms into dark orchids and roses. Only the most fashionable people can enjoy the elixir of dark and light.

Remember, the knights and warriors of old also painted their faces before entering the battlefield. The perfect makeups are the natural ones. Use the cosmetic to blend in the abuses with your psyche. It is your personal revenge against the negativity thwarting your peace of mind.

Shine your presence in spreading the best vibes of positivity to the deserving recipients. Those who do not deserve a good treatment, reserve your darkest thoughts for them. The best way to destroy the hurtful people is to show them the mirror. They always pretend to be good. Once you find the courage in saying the truth on their faces, the problems begin to disappear. Your style sense offers the necessary confidence.

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