9 Rules For Not Overdoing Your Jewelry

9 Rules For Not Overdoing Your Jewelry
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Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry – women adore jewelry. Yes, we love to mix and match our accessories with our dress, pairing earrings and necklaces in colorful combinations, wearing large cocktail rings in a myriad of colors, pretty charm bracelets that clink in an adorable manner. But with this to-die-for love for jewelry, comes the inherent risk of donning it too much and looking like a train wreck. Are you overdoing your jewelry? Coco Chanel has famously been quoted as saying, “Before you leave the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry”. While accessorizing, it becomes difficult to judge how much jewelry is too much, and inevitably, women tend to put on one too many pieces. Too much jewelry distracts attention away from your outfit, makes your look cluttered and the singular pieces lose their individuality, hidden away in an assemblage of jewelry.

So, how to not resemble a walking-jewelry-store? Follow these nine jewelry rules to the dot and never risk spoiling your outfit and overdoing your jewelry!

Tips to avoid too much jewelry:

Rule #1: If you like it, then you should put a cocktail ring !

too much jewelry

Feel free to wear multiple rings on one hand if the rings you sport are tiny or delicate. However, if wearing large cocktail rings, wear no more than one on both hands. This makes the ring stand out, drawing attention in a classy manner. Women can safely sport a conservative ring on the other hand, besides their engagement/wedding ring, while going to work.

Rule#2: Necklaces should go hand in hand with your necklines

If your outfit has an elaborate neckline, skip the necklace. Wearing a heavy piece of necklace or choker is only a good idea if your neckline is simple. For heavier necklines, that sport a flower or bows, substitute heavier necklaces for simpler, delicate strands. For example, if sporting a V-neck, consider wearing a couple of strands of pearls to get a timelessly classic look. You should keep in mind necklace styles that go well with necklines.

Rule#3: Layer it right!

While layering, remember that large necklaces layer well with large necklaces, small ones with small and medium necklaces work well with both small and large pieces. Layering necklaces works well only if your top is simple, to give you a neat and fashionable look.

Rule#4: Choose the right pair of earrings

Don’t be afraid to sport some statement pieces like chandelier earrings, instead of just sticking with studs. However, the length should be carefully matched to the occasion. For instance, while dressing up for work, choose medium length earrings to not overdo the look. If you are wearing hoops, make sure the hoops aren’t so large that they are loose for your wrists. When in doubt, stick to the timeless diamond or pearl studs for a beautiful and elegant look.

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Rule#5: Draw attention to one piece.

In the end, the objective is to let one piece of jewelry stand out. Your look should be such that attention is drawn to one major piece and the other items of jewelry merely complement it. If you have two or more large pieces of jewelry, your outfit will look like a mess, with too much going on. Not only will this steal focus from your actual attire, the items will clash with each other, rendering you a haphazard look. Be very particular on what you would like to highlight in your outfit. Again, colors can also play a vital role. Do not have too many colors that you would like to give extra attention. That would create a confused look and not lift up any single color. Experiment !

Rule#6: The not-so-secret guide to matching your earrings with your necklaces

The key point to remember is that if you happen to wear a large necklace with large earrings, you have definitely overdone your jewelry. If you go for simpler strands of necklaces or a simple pendant, feel free to flaunt large earrings. However, while displaying an exquisite choker, opt for simple studs or diamond drop earrings.

Rule#7: Color it right

It is not necessary that all the gemstones in your earrings should match your necklace/bracelet/ring/outfit. In fact, it is better to wear complementary colors that work well together. Wearing the same color of stone in all your jewelry will result in too much of equal matching. It helps tremendously to sport jewelry in colors of the same family; the key is to not clash. Wearing jewelry of different color can actually add substance to your dress and can highlight different colors from your outfit, enhancing your look.

Rule#8: Bracelets

overdoing your jewelry

Bracelets are an additional jewelry item that look great, especially if you are bare armed. Chunky bracelets give a completed look when paired with sleeveless or strapless dresses. Bracelets can be paired too, provided they aren’t too large. Wear two or three simpler bracelets together in one hand to create a unique style statement. However, larger chunkier bracelets shouldn’t be combined with other pieces and should be worn alone. If you are wearing a large ring on your hand, chuck the chunky bling bracelet away; your hand shouldn’t look too cluttered.

Rule#9: Jewel up, appropriately. Are you overdoing your jewelry?

The biggest factor that you need to judge is whether your jewelry will be appropriate. Stating the obvious, wearing chunky bracelets or large statement necklaces isn’t appropriate for work attire and will only restrict your motion. On the contrary, these items of jewelry will complete your outfit to an evening party. Certain jewelry stones like onyx, mother of pearl and amber are appropriate stones to wear to work for a conservative and elegant look. Often, less is more and you can do wonders by sporting a single piece of magnificent jewelry that highlights your outfit and gives you a polished look!

So, to sum up, your choice of jewelry should be dictated by your outfit, the occasion, the time and place of sporting it and also by the current trends. Feel free to seek inspiration from magazines to achieve a balanced look, be it to a party or to a formal event. Accessories like scarves, hairpins, etc. can also be sported, as long as you feel that adding them to your outfit doesn’t steal attention away from your dress.

Lastly, don’t forget to sport the most important piece of jewelry: your confidence! Wear what you like but wear it confidently, for there is no substitute for confidence, ladies! Tell us what you think of this post. Leave us suggestions on what you think would consider as – overdoing your jewelry.