Bridesmaid Gift Ideas: 67 Creative & Classy Thank You Gifts

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas: 67 Creative & Classy Thank You Gifts
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Are you looking for bridesmaid gift ideas? 

Your wedding is a special day, it’s the day you celebrate your love with your family and friends, the people you love the most. While the bride goes insane planning her wedding, she would have totally spiraled into insanity, had it not been the support of her bridesmaids, support in the form of advices, suggestions and ideas when something would fall apart. Shop for bridesmaid gifts to show the appreciation you feel for them having been there to give you a shoulder to cry on, on numerous occasions. Instead of giving a clichéd, thoughtless present, why not do something personal and useful instead? Here are some ideas you can try:

bridesmaid-gift-ideas1. Artwork:

If you know how to knit or crotchet, make her a great artwork she can use to decorate her home. Such gifts carry a personal value, besides being really cute! Everytime she would look at it, it would remind her of the fun times you had together.

2. Bake, Bake, Bake:

If you are quite the pastry chef, bake her a great batch of chocolate cookies, brownies or similar delicious goodies! These are irresistible, and let’s face it, women love chocolate!

3. Concert tickets

Buy your bridesmaid tickets to her favorite rock concert or show. She will have a fabulous time and will thank you for such a thoughtful gift.

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4. Gift certificates for a spa

You can also gift your bridesmaid’s gift certificates to a local spa and let them indulge in the luxury of a spanish or a deep tissue or even better,the sensuous happy ending massage. “Wink, wink”.

5. Monogrammed locket

It is also a great idea to gift them a vintage locket containing a handwritten personal note in it, different for each bridesmaid ofcourse. Monogrammed accessories make great gifts.

6. Bonsai

A bonsai plant would also be a memorable gift. That would be there with her for long and would always remind her of you. It would be one of those ‘living’ gifts she can have from you.

Bonsai Boy Of New York

7. Gifts for bookworm

If she is quite the bookworm, why not give her a copy of the book she is looking forward to read? May be a special edition or an autographed book of her favourite author.

8. Jewelry

If you do buy your bridesmaids jewelry, make sure that you don’t give them all the same one. Give them jewelry of their own taste.

9. Memberships

Gifting memberships of her favourite store could be another way to say thank you. You could get an amazon prime memebrship or something like Costco or Sam’s.

10. Scented Candles

Scented candles are loved by all. If you know how to make them, why not gift them some scented candles. Make sure noone is alergic to those before you gift.

11. PJs

Everyone loves nightwears. Whether it is sexy lingerie or plain silk pyjamas, all girls love to get cozy in a nice nigthwear. Pamper her with a nice piece.

12. Monogrammed bathwear

Give her monogrammed sets of bath accessories like towels and robes. She would love them and remember you everytime she uses them.

13. Salon coupons

Gift her makeover coupons of her beauty salon. It will not only be a nice gift, but she will make sure she visits often to pamper herself.

14. Sports events

If she is a sports fan, why not surprise her with tickets to her favorite sporting event? If you can get her front row seats, even more awesome.

15. Hand painted vase

Give your bridesmaid a hand painted vase, personalized and created with her favorite colors. That would be a cherished decorative piece in the house.

16. Restaurant reservation

Everyone loves going to restaurants. Get her reservations to a great restaurant of her choice. A rooftop reservation or a nice seating for valentines would be just fantastic.

17. Bath Salts

Pamper her with luxurious bath salts and shower gels. She would love the relaxation from it.

18. Bridesmaid dress

Offer to pay for her bridesmaid dress! It might not be conventional, but why not let her save a few bucks when she is spending a lot for the wedding already?

19. Beauty gift basket

Get her a beauty gift basket. Bridesmaid gift basket with all her beauty brands would be loved.

20. Magazine subscription

If you are familiar with her taste in magazines, why not buy her magazine subscriptions? This will show her that you know her taste and care enough to give her something she would like.

21. Headphones

Gift her headphones in her favorite color if she is into music and likes to listen through headphones.

22. Perfumes

Gift her favourite perfume or any perfume from the sensational perfume list.

23. Movie DVDs

Gift her sets of movies themed around her favorite actor or director.

24. Dinner cruise

Gift her a dinner cruise ticket for a weekend evening. She and her boyfriend would enjoy the time you wished for them to be together.

25. Personalized stationary

Personalized stationary is yet another great idea. Get a basket of things like pen, diary, paper weight, pen stand etc and package it all together in a nice gift basket.

26. Scarf

If you can knit, delight her with a scarf, a throw or any other woolen item

27. Poem

If she loves poems, get her a personally framed poem.

28. Introductory class

Get her a gift certificate to an introductory dance, cooking, or any other hobby class. This can help her find a new passion.

29. Pottery

If she is interested in pottery, get her enrolled in an introductory pottery class

30. Exercise gift certificates

For the fitness freaks, gift certificates for sessions with a pilates instructor, nutritionist or even the gym is an amazing idea.

31. Gift for gardners

If she loves gardening, gifting her gardening tools will be quite handy.

32. Travel kit

While travelling, it helps to have camera cases and travel kits. Gifting your bridesmaid a flight bag, a classy travel kit or a camera case is not only thoughtful but also sensible and useful to her.

33. Vintage ashtrays

Vintage ashtrays are beautiful gifts too.

34.Wine club membership

A wine club membership may also be fun.

35. DIY bow clutch

If you are good with sewing, you can try making a DIY bow clutch. There are many tutorials on the internet that teach you how to make other similar gifts, in an easy and hassle-free manner.

36. Table linens, napkin rings and place card holders are great gifts to accessorize and add class to her dining table.

37. Picnic basket

Gift her deluxe picnic basket she would love.

38. Assorted choclates

Assorted chocolates, because women can’t have enough of chocolate.

39. Cooking apron

If she is into cooking, gift a cooking apron.

40. Recipes

Collect her favorite recipes and present it to her with a set of tea towels.

41. Gourmet coffee

Gift a French press with gourmet coffee, if she is a true blooded coffee lover.

42. Perfume lockets

Solid perfume lockets are a neat idea too, where lockets contain solid perfume, homemade of course.

43. Clay jewelry

Clay Flower Jewelry is so elegant that we love it! and she will too!

44. Handmade bracelets

Create handmade bracelets with a particular theme for the bridesmaids.

45. Homemade bubble bath

Gift them homemade bubble bath!

46. Homemade bath salt

Homemade bath salt is another alluring idea.

47. Makeup brush roll

Sew a makeup brush roll for your bridesmaid.

48. Teacup candles

Two words: teacup candles.

49. Handmade glitter clutch

Create a fabulous handmade glitter clutch as a bridesmaid gift!

50. Floral tank

If you are feeling a bit crafty, why not create a floral top, made of a tank top and some floral ribbon?

51. DIY necklace

A ribbon and pearly DIY necklace is another great handmade gift.

52. Vintage necklace

Use a gold rope and some flower jewelry pieces to create an amazing vintage necklace. Designs from different brands can be used for inspiration.bridesmaid-gifts-bags

53. Scrapbook

Create a memorable scrapbook with events and pictures of the two of you. It is a great way to relive all the amazing memories you share. It will take her back in time.

54. Beaded headbands

Handmade beaded headbands are in fashion and by extension a great gift.

55. Movie themed gift basket

If your bridemaid is a movie buff, why not consider an apt gift for her Gift her movie themed gift basket and she will enjoy her time.

56. Wine

A bottle of wine with a new board game is perfect entertainment for an evening and a good gift. Consider gifting an aged wine that she will enjoy.

57. Tote

All gilrs love purses. Its never enough. How about gifting her some kind of purse or handbag. It could be a tote bag that she can use everyday or something more luxurious like a party clutch.

58. Kindle

If your bridesmaid is into reading books, how about gifting an electronic reader like Kindle or an Ipad. It may be a little expnsive, but it would be something they will cherish for long.

59. Personalized thank you gift tags

Personalized Thank You gift tags are really sweet as well.

60. Pearl jewelry

Freshwater or natural pearl jewelry can be a great gift for your bridesmaids. Be it bracelets or necklaces or jewelry sets, they all make elegant gifts

61. Photo album

Now a photo album may sound like a not so happening gift. However, in today’s digital world, we click 1000s of pictures but nothing get printed the old way. Consider a very memorable selection of pictures from life events and put them together in a pretty album.

62. Silverware

Gifting silverware could be an excellent gift for this ocassion. Get something that stands out and is great in quality. Silverwares typically last a lifetime. This would be one of the great bridesmaid gift ideas.

63. Wedding mirrors

Gift personalized Thank You wedding mirrors.

64. Magnets

You can gift personalized magnets with picture of you and your bridesmais. Porcelain magnets are another great idea.

65. Framed bridesmaids picture

Have a picture with all your bridesmaids and put that in a lovely vintage frame. This would be an excellent memorable gift.

66. Wine glasses

You can gift customized wine glasses with pictures of you and your groom’s families as well! This will be a memory for long.

67. Sundress

Lastly, you can also gift a beautiful sundress to the bridesmaid, to complement her beauty!

These are some creative and classy bridesmaid gift ideas to show them your love. What would you consider as that one absolute lovable gift other than these ideas.

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