47 Easy Ways to Monetize your Blog

47 Easy Ways to Monetize your Blog
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Generating money through blogging is the dream of all bloggers. It takes time to monetize your blog. But many give up often after a while if they see that it is not working for them. DON’T GIVE UP. That is my advice for them. Also you need thorough planning and hard work to attain this aim. Here you can see 47 simple ways to monetize your blog. Follow them and you will attain your goal soon.

47 Easy Ways to Monetize your Blog

1. PPC advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a good method to monetize your blog. You will get payment for every click a visitor makes on the ads you display on your blog page. For that you must sign up to a provider and get an access code to add on your site. From the provider you will get image based or text based contextual ads suitable for your site. Google AdSense is one of the best providers of PPC ads and you can try other similar providers like Chitika, Clicksor and BidVertiser also.

2. CPM Advertising

Cost Per Mile – CPM – Advertising is not much different from PPC. Here you will get paid for the page views and not for per click on the ads. If your site has a good number of page views, this a good way to do blogging for money.

3. Text Link Ads

Text link ads allow you to place ads based on texts within the text of the articles in your blog. To enable this you need to sign up in an affiliate advertising scheme or some other provider who can automate this service for you.

4. In-text Ads

Similar to text links, in-text ads also are placed within the content of your posts. You need to sign up to an in-text ad provider and get sponsored links to your site. They will appear as pop ups and you need to be careful to implement it subtly.

5. Widgets

With widgets you can make use of your blog for money. They are designed in a way that can be smoothly placed on to a site to display a mixture of text links, PPC and affiliate programs.

6. PPP Advertising

It is Pay Per Play audio advertising. PPP ads which may last only for a few seconds, will play every time someone visits your website. This create 100% of conversion rate with genuine visitors and you may get $5 for each visit. Though this may turn off your visitors and if so, they may not be likely to visit your site again.

7. Podcast Ads

This in another kind of audio ads. With this you can give weekly updates to your audience. Podcast ads are less intrusive than PPP ads as they seem like a small radio show with commercial breaks. It is a good method to monetize your blog if you are not crushing your audience with it.

8. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are not a favorite intruder for many. It needs to be executed in the right way. A single pop up that appears to new visitors is likely to work. With that they can grab the visitor’s attention and won’t be disturbing them again.

10. Affiliate Marketing

It is a great method to monetize your blog. A review of a product will work well with this. For instance, if you have an interior design website you could research affiliate programs that contain products related to interior designing. If someone wants people to advertise their new furniture models, you could make a blog entry related to the comfort or merits of such furniture and at the end you could promote the affiliate products. This allows you to earn a commission for every sale resulted by your recommendation. Websites like ClickBank, ShareAsale, Skimlinks, and AffiliateWindow contains loads of links to affiliate.

11. Advertising Space

By selling some space on your website for advertisers to show a banner, you can monetize your blog. To succeed in this you need plenty of page views and time to commit for the management of the whole process.

12. RSS Adverts

If you possess an RSS feed, you can place ads in your site. BidVertiser or Google FeedBurner may provide you the required ads to implement in your feed and thus monetize your blog.

13. Product Reviews

It is similar to affiliate marketing, but more noticeable. You can write detailed reviews about products which is related to your site. Many people can construct a site only for product reviews and write about a variety of subjects. If the product has an affiliate program, you may get money from it.

12. Sell your own product

If you can create your own product and sell it through your website it is the brilliant way to monetize your website. For example, if you are a software programmer and have developed some apps helpful for people, you can permit people to download it from the site for a small fee. If you have other products like jewelry, artistic items etc. sell them through your site.

13. Write an e-book

If you write an e-book about a subject you are an expert on, sell it through your website and get the full payment for it. You can also sell it through iStore or Amazon. Selling your own electronic book is another excellent way to monetize your blog.

14. Write a Hardback Book

As a follow up of your e-book, you can write a hardback book and sell it through your website. If you are good at it, you can find self-publishing sites like iUniverse to publish your work.

15. Tutorials and guides

In internet people search for tutorials related to all topics. If you are an expert for writing some ‘how to do’ guides in a list form you can earn easy money through your blog.

16. Creation of an online course

If you find success in tutorials and guides, you can create an online course and charge people some amount of membership fee to join the course.

17. Live Workshops

Organize live workshops in your website and charge people through tickets to attend them. You can conduct the workshop by yourself or invite some guests and share profits with them.

18. Webinar hosting

The webinar is similar to live workshops. People who became familiar with your tutorial and online course may show interest in your workshops also. It is more suitable for long distance audience. You can give the workshop through PowerPoint presentations, photos, web-cams etc. The more interactive it is, the more audience you get. You can charge an initial attendance fee for your efforts.

19. Offering consultancy

You can monetize your blog by offering consultancy in your area of expertise. If you are an expert in research methodology and people are ready to seek your guidance in their field of research, you can be consultant for them and can charge a small amount from them for the sessions.

20. Job boards

Job boards is a fine method to monetize your blog. You need to construct a web page which permits companies to post their job vacancies or other ads. You can charge a fee for the listing and if you prefer, a small amount from the finders also. This method is more suitable if you have a site with plenty of viewers.

These are the most prominent methods to monetize your blog. If you prefer, you can test the subsequent twenty seven ways also to make money by blogging.

  1. Through your website find sponsors for an event.
  2. Host selling services like stock trading, life coaching etc. in your site.
  3. Make your website a membership site.
  4. Distribute premium content for extra money if you are able to produce awesome content.
  5. Convert your site as a private forum to provide coaching classes.
  6. Add a ‘hire me’ page in your website to get hired to do freelancing jobs.
  7. Rent or sell internal pages from your site.
  8. Use some content lockers in your website.
  9. Host some online polls on your site.
  10. Offer writing GIGs if you’re good in writing.
  11. Generate a paid business/directory page.
  12. Create a private forum to enable people to interact effortlessly.
  13. Do some email marketing.
  14. Host online surveys.
  15. Sell themes or custom templates.
  16. Ask people for donations for the service you offer.
  17. Auction your website for a good price.
  18. Sell ad space through your website.
  19. Sell your own digital products.
  20. Become a sponsor for some good cause to receive donations.
  21. Accept sponsored articles and posts to publish them through your site.
  22. Create some leads to other companies.
  23. Create an email list.
  24. Start an online store.
  25. Sell your site to somebody else.
  26. Do product reviews with links.
  27. Do what others do to make money through their sites.

If you are determined to monetize your blog, you will get sufficient tips from this post to guide you towards it. Find your area and go for it whole heartedly. Would it surprise you if I said, that you have a potential to make 5 figures with your blog? go for it !