37 Beauty Tips

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Women will never get bored of reading articles about beauty. You must admit, they just love beauty tips and do not mind them coming from hairdressers, colleagues, friends and family.  A good amount of time is spent by every woman to take care of themselves. Also, a good amount of money if spent on beauty treatments in salons or on beauty products applied at home. So we tried to round up 37 beauty tips in one place. These tips would take care of your hair, skin, nails, eyes etc. So are you ready for some fashion tips to help you get pretty from head to toe.

1. How to get long hair

Shoulder length, pixie lots and bobs are an easy haircuts, but what happens when you decide that you need a change, a new hairstyle? Who knew that there is a fast way to grow your hair without spending extra money for extensions? Start eating healthy. A diet that is a mix of protein and nutrients can improve the condition of your hair and it keeps follicles strong and hair from breaking easily.

2. The right way to wash your hair

wash-hairEven though you may do it every day, you are still probably doing some mistakes. If you use this technique you will have a different hairstyle without paying a visit to the hairdresser.

Before you add shampoo your hair needs to be thoroughly wet, so rinse your hair well. The hot water will open the cuticle which is good for removing any dirt from your hair. Hair, if not taken care of well, leads to early graying and dryness that makes you look older than you are.

3. Make up tips to slim your face

Choose the right eyebrow shape. Always highlight the center of your face. Use highlighter between your eyebrows, on your nose and in the center of your chin. This way, you are bringing these features forward and you are downplaying the width of your face.

4. Flip up your eye fringe

Always use an eyelash curler. It is very easy to use, just flip up your eyelashes and swipe the mascara and you are ready to go.

 5. Manicure

If you don’t have a time to visit a beauty saloon, just use clear top coat over whatever polish you have on your nails. It will give a new look and your manicure will look freshly done.

6. Use a men’s shaving cream for ingrown hair

Men’s shaving creams contain antiseptics, moisturizers and soothing agents which prevent ingrown hair.

7. Help your feet

Rubbing hand sanitizer on your feet for just one minute will kill all the infections. It’s an easy treatment for your beautiful toes especially if they have been on heels all day.

8. Go vegan

Not only that you will loose weight, but you will also have that perfect skin you always desired.

9. Sugar as an exfoliate

Sugar-exfoliateOnce a week, put soap on your face and then scrub some sugar until it dissolves. It might feel abrasive at first but after awhile it will for sure feel great.

You would feel that the pores in your skin open up and breathe. Your skin would feel must softer than before.

10. Another use of an eye cream

Did you know that instead of spending money on cuticle cream, you can cure your cuticles by using eye cream? Try that as a great beauty tip.

 11. No more fading hair color

Once a month use a deep conditioning treatment which will lock in color.

12. Fuller lips

Before applying lipstick extend your lip line using a neutral color lip liner.

13. Get rid of pimples

Putting toothpaste on a pimple will efficiently dry it out.

14. Don’t believe everything you read

If a beauty product commercial promises instant results don’t believe it, they usually display false information.

15. Oil free skin

Oily skin is the biggest problem you may encounter during the summer. Simply use blotting paper; they will clean the excess oil on your skin.

16. Never enough oil

Oil- based products are the best for removing makeup or excess dirt from your skin. Try them for an oil free skin.

17. You can exfoliate daily

Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells. Researchers show that now it is okay to use it every day. Try doing that just before you sleep. Not only will it heal your skin, it is a relaxation technique.

18. Solution for a greasy hair

If you have greasy hair just avoid putting conditioner on hair roots. That would keep all the oil away.

19. Take care of your makeup tools

Always make sure to clean your makeup tools. After just couple of uses they can be full of bacteria which can cause many different kinds of skin conditions. Not cleaning your makeup tools may impact your skin negatively which would be totally opposite of what you would like. Apart from just cleaning the tools, you should also make sure that you do not use the same brush for different make up products. Worse, a lot of people use tools from their friends. This can make you more prone to infections. Infections result in minor skin imperfections to major skin diseases. Do not under estimate the impact of using other’s makeup kit.

20. Find your shade

When you are choosing a foundation you can test the product first on the skin near your jawline. And make sure to do it in daylight, than you will be sure that your chosen shade is the same as your natural shade.

21. Save money on pedicures

You can take care of your feet at home too. Just simply scrub your feet with a stone every morning while you are having a shower. Later on, just apply moisturizer and this will keep your feet healthy and free of fungus.

22. Throw away old products

You can use your products only a few months. After you use them for a while the effectiveness of product wares off.

 23. Soft skin

After stepping out of a shower, always moisture your skin. Water washes away the natural oils of the skin. Applying moisturizer retains the skin softness.

24. Mascara on fake eyelashes

mascara-on-fake-lashesIf you put mascara on your fake lashes you will blend your real eyelashes with the fake ones. Be careful when you do so. Because if the curl is not right, you will do more harm than good.

A lot of videos on you tube would give you step by step instruction to do it right.

 25. Red Lipstick

When choosing a red lipstick you have to choose one that looks good with your skin tone. You have a choice of warm reds and cooler reds. And if you want to make it less intense, apply it with your fingertip.

 26. Self-tanning

When you are self-tanning, try to find one that comes in with a guide tone. It will give you instant color and it will show you where you might have missed.

27. Summer makeup

For the hot summer months try to use less foundation. For instance, you can try tinted moisturizer or a BB cream.

28. Wash your makeup off

Before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are, always wash your makeup. Your skin will be thankful for that.

29. Don’t use bronzer on a pale skin

If you have a pale skin, you can use an illuminating cream or light powder if you want to get a glow. It will look much better on you.

30. Volume all day long

If you want to make volume last all day you have to avoid running your fingers through your hair. This way you will avoid leaving oil from your hands on your hair.

31. How many times you can wash your hair?

Washing your hair everyday may leave your hair dry and your scalp will create more oils to compensate for the loss of moisture. You can use a dry shampoo instead. And ponytail is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

32. Different season, different routine

Your skin needs less coverage during the spring, so you must change your beauty routine, and also you have to change your winter products for lighter ones.

33. Less is more

Whether it is make up, or accessories, remember less is more.

34. There is a silver line

A little silvery-blue eyeliner applied on the lower lid looks very flirty. Try that for a romantic date night or a club party with friends.

35. Hair removal specialist

Don’t go to a nail salon if you need hair-removal. Hair-removal specialist will do it much better; after all it is their main business.

36. How to avoid damaging your hair

If you use flat iron to straighten your hair, at lest you can do is to let your hair air dry.

37. Homemade is the best

You don’t have to buy expensive products all the time. Sometimes you can find that you have the right ingredients in your kitchen.

These are the 37 beauty tips for you. I am sure there are plenty more and some that you would have tried and tested. Share your home beauty treatments and tell us how that enhanced your looks.