21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her
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Emotions are what make us human. Without emotions our life will be nothing, and the most pure and true emotion is LOVE! Love is an integral part of our lives and without it we cannot survive. And the day of love is Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on 14th of February. It is a festival of love and gives the perfect opportunity to showcase your love to your beloved ones. If you are deeply in love and are confused as to what to gift her on this valentine, then here are a 21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her.

1) Valentine’s Day jewelry

Heart Necklace

Every woman loves jewelry and so a Valentine’s Day jewelry can light up her face. You can buy a beautiful ring, pendant, necklace, etc. Heart jewelry are the most popular. Heart jewelry are the ones which are beautifully carved into a heart shape. It will symbolize your eternal love for her. To make it more valuable go for diamond studded jewelry. Other gems you can consider are rubies, pink sapphires, pink diamonds, tourmaline, garnets, etc. The diamond Solitaire Necklace has been the best gift since the last 5 years and is very much sought after even now. A couple’s necklace can also be your favorite gift. Couple’s necklace will show her that you have a plan for a lifetime relation with her. These gifts will beautifully encase your love in front of her.

2) Romantic figurines

A beautiful figurine symbolizing love can be an excellent choice. A dancing figurine or a musical figurine can add more colors to such lifeless showpieces.

3) Chocolates 

Chocolates have always been everyone’s favorite. Gift a box of sweet chocolates, and we are sure that there will be added sweetness in your relation henceforth.

4) Flowers 

Flowers signify beauty. Their beautiful fragrance adds more elegance to the romantic aura. A bouquet of beautiful blooming roses will make your love bloom.

5) Perfumes 


Perfumes add more radiance to an individual’s personality. How often we recognize our partner with our eyes closed, just by the perfume she is wearing.

So this Valentines gift her, her favorite perfume. Read the 11 secrets to choosing the right perfume.

If you are looking for best of the names when it comes to perfume brands, this list of 15 sensations perfume brands would be a savior.

 6) Watch 

Time is precious! And who knows this better than lovers who crave for every second to be with the love of their lives. A watch with a romantic message will show her that you are dying to spend the rest of your life with her, and a moment without her seems meaningless to you.

If you are looking to buy a watch, read the 11 tips for buying the right watch. If you are more passionate about the gift and if you are looking to personalize it, here are some tips on going with a personalized handmade watch.

7) Candles 

Candles are the perfect examples of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the most important element for a relationship to survive. So, a box of scented candles will make her realize that you are ready to sacrifice anything for her happiness.

8) A laughing Buddha

A laughing Buddha is known to bring a smile on everyone’s face and what can be a better gift than making her smile.

9) Gadget Case

With mobile devices becoming a necessity, why not gift her a beautiful case cover looking at which she will always think of you. This case will also add elegance to her overall personality.

Jazz up the smart devices with trendy accessories.

10) Personalized gifts


Personalized gifts have become very popular over time. A couple pillow cover, a set of coffee mugs, a wall clock, etc… can always be made more special by getting it personalized.

You can add your pictures or messages on these products.

11) Wine 

Wine is considered very romantic! Wine is believed to add more romance and bring more color to your mood.

A glass of champagne with your loved ones can be a wonderful and memorable moment.

12) A date

Spending time with each other is the best gift you can give to each other. So, plan a romantic dinner for her. You will find that in dim light of the candles your love will spark new colors.

13) Saint Valentine’s Keys

 This is a very traditional gift and symbolizes the key to your heart. If given to someone, you clearly say that you are handing over your heart to that person.

14) Winged Cupid

Cupid are always related to love. These small winged creatures have been made the symbols of love.

These can be very sweet and cute gifts for your loved ones.

15) Swarovski Crystal Roses

These crystal roses can be the perfect depiction of undying love. It shows that your love will last forever. Giving these crystal beauties with few original roses can seem to be an even better idea.

If you are looking to buy some crystals for her in the form of jewelry, shop for selective Swarovski elements jewelry.

16) Collage 

We always want to capture the moments we spend with our loved ones.

So giving her a handmade collage showing all those special moments can make her fall in love with you all over again.

17) Lacy Lingerie


This can be a little private gift. It can be relished by you and your partner during your special private moments.

So, go ahead and gift her a pair of lacy lingerie which will accentuate her body more gorgeously.

Here are some tips to select the best and comfortable lingerie.

18) Vacation

Romantic vacation

Snatching a few love moments from this busy life of yours can work wonders for your relationships. Spending time, talking, walking along beaches hand in hand, campfire in a dense forest, etc. can make you two come closer to each other and spark your love life all over again.

19) Teddy bear

A huge teddy bear holding your heart and a romantic message can bring a huge smile on her face.

20) Propose her!


Nothing will be better than this! Asking her for marriage can send her for a heavenly experience. She will be the happiest girl on earth.

So just go to her, kneel down in front of her and present her with a ring. It will become the most special day of her life. There are plenty of ways in which you can speak your heart out. However pick the best ways to propose from this exhaustive list of 83 proposal ideas.

21) Love poems

Reading a couple of love poems in the silence of the night can be the most romantic thing ever. Reading these poems and imagining your lover beside you can be your favorite moment. So, a collection of best love poems can turn out to be her favorite gift ever.

All these gifts can add more happiness to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. But before buying her a gift just close your eyes, imagine her, think about her likes and dislikes and you will know what to buy for her. Happy Valentine’s Day!