21 Turn-offs for Women, Men didn’t know about

21 Turn-offs for Women, Men didn’t know about
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Women have a long list of qualities, characteristics, and traits that they HATE in men. If you are one of those who would like to impress your girl, avoid these turn-offs for women under all circumstances.

If you are boyfriend of a beautiful girl that you don’t want to lose and always want to be happy with her, this simple and effective way is going to help you having a long lasting relationship.

Not all men turn women off, and not all women take offense to these points. This is an example of me expressing my viewpoint that coincides with majority of females.

1. Being ignored

Being ignored is one of the main things that turns off a woman. Woman want men to be attentive. Women are very sensitive and they judge their importance by how much attention they receive from their partners when they express their emotions. When men react to women in an unresponsive way, they are making the women step away from the relationship.


2. Eyeing other women while out with you

Of course men look at other women and women look at other men. But if a guy gives himself whiplash every time an attractive woman passes by, it can be totally disrespectful and can be a turn-off for the women.

3. Talking More, Listening Less

One thing that can turn a woman off is when her man is not listening enough to what she is saying and he ends up talking too much when interacting with his woman.

The key is to allow the girl to do her talking and let her express her emotions with you. If a woman shares any personal thing with you and you are un-responsive to it she will consider that there is no bonding between the two of you. By focusing more on listening and talking less prevents you from the dangers of saying anything wrong.

4. Talking Boring Things

The most common mistake a guy does after approaching any girl is to talk boring things…things which the girls find not interesting. This is the main reason why men fail when they approach women. Man has to view things from the girl’s point of view, a girl who has just come from work will never like the strange and boring questions about her work. Talk to the girl about the things they like for e.g.dress, movies, vacations.

5. The Fear Of Rejection

Men are afraid to approach any girl and this fear comes from the thought of facing rejection. This theory is really misguided. If a girl is rejecting you, it probably means that she is rejecting your approach. You have to approach the girl in a right manner and with a positive attitude.

6. Showing up with extravagant gifts

The first date is not an occasion to shower the girl with expensive gifts. If you give her a gift wrapped extravaganza present she will be embarrassed. This may also lead to her suspicion that you are trying to lure her by buying gifts.

7. Getting too close too quickly

One of the worst mistakes guys can make while dating is trying to get physical with girl. Brushing, groping and kissing are some of the gestures which girls don’t like in the initial phase of the relationship. They always would like to take time to understand before getting close.

8. Displaying intolerant behavior

Most of the men do admit this as one of their biggest mistakes. Guys tend to behave very rude and often express harsh views on politics, religion and society. Using offensive, vulgar words can come off very badly before the date and could be an instant turn-off.

9. Going off to sleep without a good night kiss

If you are being sexually intimate with your sweetheart, make sure you do clear off these myths about female orgasms. For most women, the time right after making love is when are high on emotions and intimacy. They feel every attached to their partner. So instead of allowing your lady love to savor this bonding, if you turn over and start snoring, you will be judged as insensitive and selfish.

10. Being deeply in love with themselves

Girls find guys boring as they feel that they are they always talk about themselves, their ambitions and achievements. Guys, if you really want to impress girls ask them about their favorite things, vacations and be interested in what they say.

11. The Unkempt Look

Okay, so the Ryan Gosling messy hairdo is not what this means. Being unkempt could reflect from having stained or un-ironed attire, yellow teeth, nose hair, unkempt feet and nails and not clean shaven or groomed. A woman wants a man who puts effort in taking care of himself. This was the biggest turnoff for 26% of singles surveyed.

12. Being Overweight

Being overweight doesn’t reflect someone’s personality or admirable attributes. No man or woman definitely gets turned on by someone who’s overweight. It just reflects negligence towards oneself. Twenty-five percent of men and women surveyed thought this was the biggest turnoff.

13. Smoke

For 22% of those surveyed, smoking was an instant turn-off. Smoking also leads to bad breath and that is an absolute turn-off. In addition to the stigma associated with smoking, leaving your partner on a date to go out for a smoke is really not something any woman would admire.


14. Bad Breath

Talking to someone with bad breath in itself is a turn-off, kissing someone with bad breath is un-tolerable. Bad breath may just be a case of the last meal, or it could be a more serious case like halitosis or another periodontal disease. Bad breath is a number one turn-off and no woman wants to be kissed by a woman with bad breath!

15. Being High

Alcohol diminishes our inhibitions, but there’s no reason to lose control. Being high in drugs is not impressive to women. Keep your act together because nobody likes to chat with a guy who slurs uncontrollably.

16. Public Humiliation

Avoid having a loud, public rejection. It is possible that this situation is unavoidable, that the reactions of others are unpredictable.

If you get rejected, unfortunately, smile and say something like, “I understand, it was a pleasure meeting you,” and walk away gracefully.

17.  No Space

Getting physically too close to a woman before you know her some bit, may be sleazy and, potentially you can come across as predatory. Don’t invade her space too quickly. Talk for a while, know the vibe, let her make the choice and give you hints, if she wants to stand close to you, or touch you.

18. Table manners

Table manners always make a big impression. Bad table etiquette will be a turn-off.  Even thought  we live in a society we are slowly losing the fundamental values of etiquette, show all you got. How the man eats at the table can be very telling to the person sitting in front of him. Its said that how a man eats, is how he makes love.

19. Liars

A man that can’t keep his word and makes false promises would always disappointment his love in the relationship. Don’t promise your love something if you’re not going to live up to it. Don’t make plans/promises to take her somewhere and then not do it. Guys that talk a big game but never follow through—TURNOFF!

 20. Guys who are obsessed with money

No woman can stand a man who shows off his financial position and is obsessed with it. Keep your money issues to yourself; it isn’t attractive when you tell your ladylove  how broke you are.”

21. Boasting about past affairs

This just makes most women want to get up and leave. This is beyond rude. A man who shares his intimate sexual past with a new woman is headed for a very lonely intimate sexual present. Checkout signs that show your boyfriend is still not over his ex.

These are the turn-offs for woman and you should avoid them in all cases. What have been your major turn-offs?