21 Signs that your Boyfriend is a Player

21 Signs that your Boyfriend is a Player
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Do you see signs that your boyfriend is a player? There isn’t a girl alive who will admit that she likes being played. Ladies, if you have ever wanted to figure out if your mystery man is getting some other action on the side, you are in for a treat. Don’t fall for men who are always on a look out for other females while being with you. If he is looking out for options, there are chances that he will step out of your life very soon. Don’t be an object of desire. Be with someone who wants you, badly!

21 Signs that your boyfriend is a player

This quick guide is to spot cads while trying to find your soul mate, your dream man, your partner in life. Be aware of the signs of a player boyfriend.

1. He is in good shape?

If your boyfriend has a good physique and he works on it regularly, there is every likelihood that he is playing with numerous girls. To be a player you must be visually appealing and girls would like him more than the bulky ones. If going to gym is his top most priority, you know there could be more than just keeping fit. Not every man who frequents a gym is a player, but if he is wanting to maintain his physique, he might be wanting to impress girls.

2. He pushed for sex on the first date.

As a player that he is, he knows that modern day girls are dodgy; therefore he pushes for sex on your first date with him. He would not want to miss the chance to hook up with you, even without knowing any bit of you. He does not care whether it would turn out to be a mere one-night stand, he WANTS it. He does not follows the rules on things to avoid on the first date.

3. He is evasive or mysterious about personal things.

Players most likely do not share their aspirations, dreams, insecurities, etc.  This is because they do not like to tell you about anything that can be used against them in future. There is no point in opening up to a person you don’t imagine as a probable partner. They will never introduce you to their friends or family.

boy-with-guitar4. Is he a musician, plays for a band, mostly as lead singer or a guitarist?

This group of creative people come in contact with millions of girls. They travel to different cities and girls are always crazy about them. They are not short of ladies and it is difficult for them to be faithful to one person. If your boyfriend belongs to this category, why would you think he would be committed to you? Being creative cool, also means laying with plenty of girls.

5. He refuses to meet your friends.

If you delight in the chase you know that a girl’s friends are never your allies.  When he refuses to meet with your friends, there’s something fishy he can do behind your back. The girlfriends, friends are never buddies/associates to the player. If he is not open to meeting your friends, there is something fishy. This is a sure signs of a player boyfriend.

6. Is he restrained to spend a lot of money on you?

We all know the first date is as memorable as it should be. If he is not coming out as he should to spend much money on you, then watch him. If he suggests you split a bag of skittles for dinner, you’re staring down sexual checkmate. Having no strings attached are signs of a player. All he needs from you is to just have some physical fun for as long as he wants. He would not want to invest quality time or money on you, if that is what his intent is.

7. He would not want to see you more than two times a week.

A genuine boyfriend would want to spend all his time with you. A player’s time generally is precious and valuable to him, whatever he is using it for – gaming other girls, making money, or for enjoying leisure time. As part of the game, be sure you won’t get anything more than the infrequent visits, which you totally hate. It is also possible that he is double dating and you are completely unaware of that.

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8. Does he have friends who are good with girls?

Players don’t hang out with greenhorns. If you find his friends hanging out with different girls, he is probably like them. Birds of the same feather folk together.

9. Can your boyfriend be seen as charming?

How many socially awkward guys do you know who are getting trim regularly? A player would. Anything that makes him object of desire, he would ensure he puts additional effort to make that happen.

couple-having-wine10. All of your dates involve alcohol.

Without a doubt feminists will misinterpret this. The fact is, most players want to avoid getting a girl terribly drunk. However, they know that sharing a couple of drinks will make it easier to get physical, the sole purpose of their life.

11. He has a wide face.

Research has it that men with wider faces are more likely to have higher testosterone levels. They therefore are more likely to seek sexual novelty and so look for different girls to satisfy them.

12. Often doesn’t want to see you on the weekend.

The weekend is a time for precious rejuvenation and rebirth. For the pro hardcore 24/7 players, this is when they’re beating around the bushes for new prospects. On the other hand, for the introverted players, it’s the time when they unwind solo and prepare for another week in the game. They keep the weekends to themselves. If your man is trying to avoid you over the weekends, good chances are that he is up to something. He may have something genuinely over a weekend, but if he has commitments each weekends and does not take you along, read the signs!

13. He is secretive about his phone.

He knows that, because you are a girl, you are going to try to peep as soon as you get the chance. He will make sure that he never leaves his phone unattended. His secrets are guarded.

14. His phone is always blowing up OR you have never heard it.

The bolder player will not care to hide their flirtations and romances with other women. They take jealousy to their advantage to woo girls and want them more. The stealthier guys will make their phones a complete non-factor when you’re together. They focus on their prey.

15. He is resistant to any innovative date ideas after getting sex.

Why should this guy waste time on taking you to the zoo or ice skating if he got what he came for? So hold on to the best thing till the very end. You get nothing after you have given him all he wants.

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16. Avoids PDA at all costs, especially if he’s better looking than you.

The player needs some plausible deniability if in the worst situation he runs into one of his other targets. He also doesn’t want to de-value himself in the eyes of women if he’s them punching below his weight or desires to do that.

17. He forgets which stories he’s told you.

The most surgical players have a cache of go- one liners, opening lines and pontifications that they unleash on any new prospect attract them. If you’re hearing about his skydiving adventure or his palm reading skills for the third time, he’s used this script before. Or it may also be because he would think that he has said that to his other girlfriend and haven’t told you so far.

18. Doesn’t give a shit about Facebook.

He knows that social networking puts him squarely on the grid, and also that “getting your Facebook” actually decreases his chances of having sex with you. A smaller section of players will embrace the opposite extreme and have a prodigious Facebook presence with tons of female “friends,” but most player Facebook accounts will be locked up like the farmer’s daughter on prom night.

19. Not anxious to please you.

Have you noticed that most men have bent over backwards to accommodate you since your teens? This behavior will be seen nowhere in players. They will be less willing to put up with your crap and will act like they have other options. Because they do. Come on they are players.

20. Doesn’t call or text you beyond the bare minimum.

With lots of balls in the air, it’s impractical for the player to devote significant energy to any single one. He would be mostly short in his communication.

couple-having-sex21. Will only meet up when there’s the prospect of sex.

Do you desire lunch between work meetings? Taking a casual walk around the park? Getting together while you’re PMSing ? The veteran player would avoid these like a plague. He has no incentives for being with you at moments where he can’t get his way out.

Men, if you work some of these obvious characteristics into your persona you’ll improve on your chances of success with women instantly. Have more power in dating, and free up time to focus on more important things.

Now for the ladies — you have a great blueprint for avoiding the kinds of men you profess to despise, but I fear you would want to think rationally when you find someone charming, be it a player. A player to some, are signs of a cheater. You are innately and viscerally attracted to men who display these characteristics, which is why many of us have worked hard to develop them as second nature. Sorry.

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