How to Get your Ex Back? 21 Secret Ways to Get Him Back

How to Get your Ex Back? 21 Secret Ways to Get Him Back
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Are you looking at ways on how to get your ex back after breakup?

Love is divine. If you truly loved someone, its very difficult to move away from them and forget the time spent together. Some differences might have led to your break up, forcing you to take separate paths. But now, it hurts. You are in a painful situation and looking for ways on how to get your ex back. Definitely you are not the only one wanting to get back to your ex boyfriend. There are many out there who wish to get back together with their exs.

21 secrets on how to get your ex back:

1. Create some distance

Soon after the breakup you may feel to get back together with your ex boyfriend as quickly as possible. But it is vital to keep yourself at a distance from him to realize about the void in each other’s lives which can be filled by togetherness. It also helps you to build up your emotional strength. This distancing would help you to think more rationally and be clear about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and rebuild the relationship on a firmer ground.

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2. Steer your life to a normal track

Think positively and regain the normal state of your life, shedding all emotional baggage. Never show that you are in a desperate need to get him back. Once your life is back to normal and you are in a state to think without the emotional strangling, you can take some simple steps to connect with him like sending an e-mail or a text message and trying to talk on a neutral subject. Don’t try to compel him. Just give him time and wait with patience.

3. Have an open talk

It is essential to talk with an open mind about the things that went bad in your relationship. Instead of arguing and blaming, you need to focus on the positive and try to build the relationship from there. This open talk will help to clear up the mistakes and misunderstandings that led to the breakup. Communication with an open mind is the best way to build your relationship rather than leaving each other for the guesswork. Don’t give a chance for that and communicate openly and truthfully.

4. Give priority to his needs

In a relationship, it is crucial to give importance to his needs as you give to yours. Listen to him when he is talking and show interest in his preferences. If he feels that he is the one always doing the adjustment for your sake, he may not be happy as you will seem selfish to him. He may tempted not to get back in the relationship again. So give importance to his needs and do the things he likes to do with you.

5. Continue treating him as your boyfriend

If you want to get back with him, complement him and be sincere with him. You should give him your full attention as you would have done at the very beginning of your relationship. He needs to get the impression that he is still the center of your universe. Your admiration for him should reflect in your words and deeds. Continue to treat him as your boyfriend although your relationship is not fully resumed.

6. Look beautiful

Once a relationship does not exist, the partners usually get into a phase of no maintenance. They dont care about hygiene or how they look. You need to get him excited physically and emotionally. A little bit of makeup and dressing up will be helpful. If needed, get a haircut and buy some stylish new clothes which may catch his attention. Keep up a positive attitude. It makes people comfortable to spend time together.

7. Don’t beg

You should refrain from begging as it only make things harder. Keep your dignity. If he sees that you are anxious to get back with him and you are literally begging and pleading, he may lose interest in you. So keep your dignity intact and make yourself more attractive and appear confident so that he may be compelled to come back you. Make him want you.

8. Make positive changes

Breakup demands that you need to polish yourself and make some positive changes. You will get a chance to evaluate yourself as a result of the break up when you ponder over what went wrong. From that point on-wards, build up the positives and eliminate the negatives from your personality. This will make you more attarctive and desirable.

how to get your ex back9. Initiate reconnect

Sometimes a simple text message with a proper attitude and feeling may do the trick. But don’t overdo it. Think a lot before you formulate the text and it should convey a positive message without blaming him for anything. Your message should just be a friendly connect and not a compulsion.

10. Pace slowly

Try to take it slow. Don’t compel him for anything. Just move at a slower place. Do more open conversations and try to spend time together without over doing it. Meet and give him time to think. Do not be in each others face all the time.

11. Call out of the blue

girl on phone

Sometimes a simple phone call just to inquire how is, will give you some positive points. Don’t argue. Don’t demand. Just let him hear your voice and give a feeling that he is still in your heart and thoughts. If his voice changes when he talks to you, he may still be thinking about you.

12. Let him know you miss him

If he is positive about your text and then your phone call, let him know that you miss him and arrange a casual meeting.  Expressing that you have been thinking about him and missing him is fine as lond as you don’t overwhelm him with your demands.

13. Accept your shortcomings

If you want to get you ex back, you need to own up your mistakes. If you did something that could have  hurt him, apologize and make him feel you are willing to adjust your ways to make it work. Be genuine in your apology and about your commitment to bring about change.

14. Don’t rehash the past

After you acknowledge the problem, keep up a positive outlook and leave the past there. Try to build up a future relationship rather than rehashing the past and over analyzing it. Don’t let the blame game start.

15. Meet up in the friend group

If you not feel comfortable to meet him alone, meet up as part of your usual friend group. Amidst the sharing of stories and jokes, if both of you feel comfortable, you may be able to talk afterwards comfortably. This would happen only if you both feel that nothing much changed between the two of you.

16. Don’t compare

It is not good to compare your other relationships with him while you are trying to get him back. It may make him feel he is not the special one for you and only among one of your contestants. Let him feel he is your special man.

17. Rekindle the romance

How to get your ex back romantically? It is good to show some romantic gestures like writing a sweet note or giving some special gift to show your love or create some special moments to make him feel the romance.

18. Don’t play games

Don’t play games to get his attention. It may make you appear childish. Take the direct approach and don’t try to make him jealous by pretending you are dating someone else.

19. No emotional blackmail

Don’t do any emotional blackmailing by wailing, screaming, threatening etc. Show your maturity and show that you can live even if he is not in your life. It may give him more positive impression about you and he may feel comfortable to talk to you and gradually move from there.

20. Show him that you have changed

If you broke up because of some differences that he did not appreciate in you, and you feel that it needs to change, change it! Show him that you have changed. If he sees that you made the change for him, he will love you more and your relationship may get stronger than ever.

21. Let go of the past

Once you resume your relationship, let go of the past. Don’t let it create problem in your life again and try to forget the bitter moments. Take the lessons from the past  and leave the unpleasantness in the past itself.

These simple secrets will help you to get your ex boyfriend back. Follow them and you will get back with him smoothly. But beware that a relationship is always for both of you. Both should find joy in that and both of you need to adjust and accommodate the other.

Did you have a break up in your life? What is your advice on how to get your ex back? Share your story, you never know, your story might just bring two souls together.

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