21 Reasons Why Fashion is Important

21 Reasons Why Fashion is Important
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Why fashion is important? Models with those unbelievably perfect bodies, ridiculously expensive clothes, and sultry expressions peering out of glossy magazine covers. If you thought that’s all there is to fashion, you’ve never been this wrong.

Fashion has been an integral part of our society, culture and nation. Fashion is global. While there are plenty of reasons why fashion is important, here we present 21 reasons that’ll wire your mind differently so that you look at fashion the way it really is. While some will agree that there is fashion is grossly overrated and has become a means to judge people by the corporate logos, there is a lot more to fashion.

21 reasons why fashion is important

1. Self-expression through fashion

why fashion is important

Fashion is the most obvious and primary mode of expressing your own personality. Clothes, footwear, accessories etc. all are really intimate and give out pretty strong signals as to your sensibilities, how you perceive yourself, and what you want to show to the world about yourself.

Large fashion houses and renowned designers have used the global stage to showcase their fashion sense and to express themselves. You, express yourself !

2. Fashion creates first impression

The right fashion on the right occasion goes a long way in leaving a catchy first impression. If you are going for your first date, fashion makes you look your best self, helping you put your best foot forward, before you even begin to speak. Creating the lasting first impression is very important and will set up the standard for the rest of the evening.

When you wear sweat pants to a date you come across as lazy and with a personality that you don’t care about your appearance. However, if you are wearing a cute dress, you come across energetic and happy.

3. Fashion boosts creativity

fashion animals creativity

Fashion is an open ended statement. There are no rules and no laws (ofcourse as long as you wear the basics). How you essemble your clothes, footwear, makeup, accessories with the wide range of themes available around you, your options are endless.

Fashion is a creative work of art.

Everything and anything has the potential to inspire a fashion concious person. It could be wildlife, buildings, nature, children…literally anything. Looking for new fashion statement, boosts the creativity. So let your creative mind get inspired and build something totally fashionable. You don’t need to be a fashion designer to invent new fashion.

4. Fashion enhances the economy

Yes, the money part. Although it may not be as obvious, but fashion industry is one of the revenue generating industries in developed and developing nations. It creates tons of jobs. Right from designers, crafters, workers, photographers, software, models, travel, accessories, stage presenters, stage show venues and much much more. A lot of industries thrive on fashion industry. This is not limited to Milan, but so many other nations.

fashion show

The fashion industry does its bit (which is actually a pretty big chunk) to contribute towards the economic betterment of that nation. It doesn’t sound all that superficial now, does it?

 5. Fashion offers self-actualization

Self actualization is the pinnacle need as described by Maslow. You maximize the potential and do what you are best at. Fashion embraces the unknown and  the ambigous. It’s a journey to enjoy and create unconventional. It’s a path for growth and purpose. People who realize self actualization in the realm of fashion are not molded by culture. They make their own decisions. They are not perfect, they make mistakes but they enjoy the journey of unbeaten paths.

6. Fashion amps up confidence

confident fashionable girl

One big reason why fashion is important is because what you wear defines you. It makes you comfortable and at ease. Styling something that is fashionable makes you look great within, and more importantly- when you know you look great, your self-confidence scales totally to a different level.

A nice outfit is not just about giving an appealing look; it also aplifies the wearer’s confidence. This helps you take on the tasks for the rest of the day with both cheer and grit in your demeanor.

7. Fashion & entertainment

Yet another reason why fashion is important is because how it has been interlinked with entertainment for hundreds of years. Milan fashion week is not the only place where you would see the connection. Who does not want to enjoy the creativity, and see that live on the ramp – firsthand? Today small and big towns have fashion shows.

The television industry has shows so focused on fashion itself  – America’s Next Top Model or Sex and the City. Not just that, the biggest entertainment industry which is the movie industry, also has joined hands with fashion. That is how you see new styles being launched in the market. Big production houses like Disney, are also tying up fashion and entertainment. So overall, fashion and entertainment are florishing like never before.

8. Fashion adds to versatility & diversity

Hands down, fashion is so versatile and diverse that it can appeal to every occasion. There is fashion for every setting, personality, physical feature and sensibility. The choices are innumerous. There’s a style statement for everyone. If you don’t have it, you haven’t found it…yet.

diversity in fashion

Fashion diversifies people around us. How monotonus would it be to wake up one morning and find everyone to be dressed the same way? Life would be continuous routine. Would it not be boring? The immense options from newly emerging fashion brings in diversity in life.

 9. Fashion embraces talent

Modelling is an art, something that requires more than an hourglass figure or flawless skin. Models that hit the bull’s eye know precisely how to carry themselves, and lend character to the products they model for. Posing perfectly involves accurate understanding of expressions, body angles etc. and the people possessing all that can satisfactorily channel their talent in the avenue of fashion. It has also given way to talented photographers. What is fashion without it being captured behind the lens!

 10. Fashion reflects religion

turbanIf you wish to opt for clothing that is rooted in religion or heritage, fashion makes sure that you get the desired look with its ocean of stylish choices catering to every sensibility. Be it a hijab or a saffaron robe or a turban from the east, fashion ensures you’re always enriched with choices.

With world being a global market, the thin line between fashion centric to nations is becoming blur. What you see in one country, is soon in fashion elsewhere. However, fashion lets you play with religious clothing, yet preserve the soul of it.

11. Fashion keeps history alive

Fashion changes with time. It is influenced by other arts like music, movies, architecture, civilization, society. What is in fashion may not be as much worn after few years. However, with changing layout of the modern society, fashion can be looked as a reflection of the era that once existed.

Some fashion concious people do keep the era alive in alternative clothing. You will find people styling the fashion of boho chic, punk, grunges, hip hop and more. They all keep the history alive through the clothes, headgear, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories. Fashion is a mirror of history. Fashion is both a predecessor of what has taken place in larger society, and a predictor of what will take place.

 12. Fashion reflects culture

sarees fashion show indiaThe fashion industry supplements the subtle / drastic changes in culture by incorporating that into its work of art.  It has given a wider meaning to traditional clothing across the world. Be it the saree from India, or the native American clothing, fashion has touched all of that.

It has enhanced the beauty of apparels from world culture, making it modern, yet keeping the traditional values. It has urbanized tradition and culture for it to be globally accepted.

13. Fashion is a medium to communicate

Fashion is a glorified industry. It is linked to name, fame & money. How you carry yourself, what style you follow or what fashion you choose, tells a lot about you. Fashion is a means you communicate to the rest of the world. The clothes you wear, the brands you choose, the makeup you wear or the hairdo you have. The shoes your style or the accessories you choose, everything speaks for you. So fashion is a medium to communicate with the world, even before you talk to the world.

14. Professionalism thrives on fashion

business casual attireFashion is not just for the limelight and late night parties. When you dress fashionably, yet appropriately, formal fashion sends out the message to your work colleagues that you care about the image of yourself and your workplace.

Formal fashion presents you more seriously and lends an aura of professionalism to yourself. While work ethics and talent are non-negotiable, making a fashion or style mistake at workplace, is a big ‘NO-NO’.

15. Fashion unites globe

Fashion is not confined to a region or nation. Today fashion is helping the globe become a smaller place. Fashion merchandising schools are inviting students from different countries as part of student exchange programs. They are not only learning fashion cross-countries but also embibing them in their fashion. Thus fashion is bringing the globe together and having done that, don’t you think fashion is so important in today’s world.

 16. Fashion is a mood-lifter

women with shopping bagsEvery girl would perhaps agree that going shopping is probably the easiest way to come out of low feeling. Walking through those huge malls trying out the newest collection of Swarovski-studded ring and thinking about being proposed one day. Looking at the latestfashion in bags and styling a D&G bag. Sniffing a few perfumes from the huge array of perfume brands. Enterning an Armani showroom and trying the “just arrived dresses”, just gives a heavenly feeling.

Checking out what’s in fashion in, is the best no cost mood lifter. Window shopping in itself is a big stress buster. Just take it another notch and think of buying these “just in” fashion products. Further more, styling these gives yet another high. So yes, fashion IS an mood lifter.

17. Fashion reflects geography

The one thing that fashion does seamlessly is reflect the geography of that nation. Fashion changes from one country to another and is driven by the terrain and climatic conditions. For example fashion in the hot deserts of Africa would be very different that the fashion that exists in the cold climate of Canada.

18. Fashion finds like minds

fashion is importantThat’s right; fashion makes birds of the same feather flock together. It helps people identify others who might be a bit like them. Be it a bar or a social gathering, your dressing sense would make you approchable or otherwise.

If someone can relate themselves to you by how you style, that’s the first step to acquaintance. Your fashion would drive similar people towards you. So fashion is a means to make new friends. When it comes to alternative fashion, you will see people following the same alternative clothing have own social groups and networks.

19. Fashion commands authority

Nobody wants to demand authority; it’s pathetic. But fashion is the simplest way to go about the tricky ground of making people look up to you with admiration and respect, because, to be quite plain, you obviously seem to respect yourself.

Believe it of not, a well dressed person would be heard more that someone who is not presentable.

20. Fashion impacts & inspires society

plus size fashion modelsBelieve it or not, fashion impact society. When it comes to defining popular culture or modifying a misleading image, fashion plays a crucial part. For instance, the unhealthy trend of glorifed models was quashed once the fashion industry started embracing plus sized, and healthier-looking models. Fashion shows very lately have also brought in special needs kids on the ramp. They have given extreme confidence to these kids. This has have an impact on the society at large and made these kids more acceptable to the world.

21. You feel great with fashion

Exploring the world of fashion is just plain awesome. We’re not talking about those airbrushed, impossible-to-attain standards here. We’re talking about styles that perfectly suit the nature and body type of the person in question, which makes them look their best, and feel great.

Even if your association with fashion goes only till window shopping or following the best designers creation on the internet, fashion is so important to people because it’s an open ground where everyone can feel at their best. Repeat- it’s not the Hunger Games, with bottom-line of survival of the fittest. Its about dreaming and bringing those ideas to life. Fashion is an art just like painting, music and photography. Fashion is a plain form of expression. For these so many reasons, fashion is important in today’s world.

Some do like to brush off fashion as frivolous, and a reflection of a materialistic society desiring what one does not have. However REAL fashion is much more than this desire.

What is your one reason to feel importance of fashion ?