20 Romantically Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day closing in, it’s already time to start planning something extra special for your significant other.  Show your spouse just how loved he or she is with these great ideas perfect for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.

1. Leave Unexpected Love Notes

It’s always a nice surprise to find love notes from your spouse in unexpected places. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your significant other with short and sweet flirty messages hidden in the places they visit most. Tape a note to the bathroom mirror or sneak one into your spouse’s briefcase or purse.  Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so sending constant reminders of how special you think your loved one is will keep the workday from seeming like every other day.

2. Go for a Casual Yet Intimate Eveningcandle-light-dinner-5918501888_1b275c70c3_z

If your guy or girl has a favorite beer or wine, surprise them by stashing a few bottles of it in the fridge. If you aren’t a cook-at-home kind of couple, take the extra initiative to order your spouse’s favorite takeout food. Have it ready and waiting when he or she gets home from work and you two can enjoy a relaxing evening that won’t be dominated by dinner reservations and event start times.

3. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Design a scavenger hunt that will have your significant other going all over town to find a special gift that you’ve gotten them. Your spouse will love the challenge of unraveling your clues and it makes the whole gift-giving process so much more exciting and memorable. Make sure you accompany your spouse on his or her journey – just don’t give away any clues.

4. Share Your Memories Together

One of the most romantic things you can do for your significant other is show how much you value your relationship. Fill a photo book with pictures of you and your spouse from different times throughout your relationship. Be sure to include pictures from when you first met, first holiday family dinners, and other landmark events in your relationship. Spend the evening looking at the album with your spouse and reminiscing. Bonus points if you get an album with comment margins in the sides. Write in your personal feelings and thoughts about each experience to show your spouse how much you care. Relive those moments. Add milestones to it like when you first met, your first kiss, when you proposed, your honeymoon and so on.

5. Don’t Forget That Small Favors Can Be Romantic Too

Whether it’s getting the car oil changed, running to the grocery store or washing the dishes, show your spouse that you care by taking some of the more mundane housework tasks off of his or her plate. You’ll free up some time for the two of you to relax and your spouse will be especially appreciative of your hard work.

6. Enjoy a Picnic Dinner and Stargazing

Pack a picnic basket with some cheese and crackers, your best bottle of wine and some chocolate covered strawberries.  Enjoy a romantic dinner together as you watch the sun set and then linger a little longer to do some stargazing.  Bring heavy blankets and cuddle up close to keep warm and don’t forget to make a wish on the first star you see.

7. Say Good Things about Your Spouse to Others

Make sure you casually mention to your spouse’s mother, friends or siblings how kind and caring your spouse is. Talk about how much you appreciate him or her and how happy you are to be in your relationship. These comments will inevitably get back around to your sweetheart and your spouse will be touched to hear that you think so highly of him or her.

8. Make a Personalized Playlist

Compile a playlist of nostalgic songs that you and your significant other can listen to together. Add older songs that you both listened to at the beginning of your relationship and any songs that you think express your life together. Don’t just go for romantic – use songs that are of a genre your spouse actually likes. Love songs exist in every genre from punk rock to country music and everything in between. So get creative with it!

9. Go to a Make-Your-Own Pottery Studio

Here, you can make mugs or plates to be used each year on Valentine’s Day.  It’s a fun way to make a special memory and create something that can be a part of future Valentine’s Day traditions. More likely than not, you won’t be very good at sculpting pottery unless you’ve done it before, which should make for an entertaining evening and great stories to tell your friends and family later.

10. Give Your Spouse a Sweet Treat

Don’t just go with the cliché box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day.  Surprise the one you love with a personalized take on their favorite candy. On this website, you can personalize candy or classic candies so that they feature your and your spouse’s initials.

11. Challenge Your Significant Other to a Game Night

If your spouse isn’t the kind of person who’d be up for a romantic evening of cuddling, spend Valentine’s Day in a way he or she would enjoy.  Open some drinks and play some old-fashioned board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga or Twister. You can invite some other couples over for a double-date type of evening, or just enjoy some fun time alone together.

12. Go to a Karaoke Bar

Take turns belting out your favorite love songs at a nearby karaoke bar. You’ll be the fun, cool couple that’s romantic yet adventurous at the same time. And who doesn’t enjoy a ridiculous serenade from their spouse in front of a small crowd?

13. Surprise Your Spouse with a Blanket Fort in Your Living Room

Move your furniture around to create the best blanket fort ever! Put pillows inside, pop up some popcorn and use your laptop as a DVD player to watch romantic movies. Your spouse will love this cozy and creative activity.

14. Do Dessert Differently

Get a little creative with your dessert this Valentine’s Day and enjoy making delicious chocolate fondue.  Pick up some pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries and pineapples to use for dipping and you’ve got the makings for a fun and inventive date night.

15. Recreate Your First Date

This Valentine’s Day, go back in time to the very first date the two of you shared.  Whether it was getting drinks at a bar, dinner out at a romantic restaurant or a night at the movies, do your best to recreate the date and watch as the sparks fly all over again.

16. Go Dancing

Nothing says romance like a night of dancing and, while dancing at the club is always fun, on Valentine’s Day it’s a good idea to think a little outside the box. Try new and exciting forms of dance like salsa or even ballroom dancing.  A lot of dance companies offer lessons for beginners, which would make for a fun and romantic way to spend the evening.

17. Give an Outstanding Massage

“Massages are so overrated,” said nobody ever.  Everyone loves massages, and your significant other is likely no exception. Go all out and make it a truly special experience with aromatherapy candles, fancy massage oils and romantic music to set the mood.

18. Surprise Your Spouse with Special Event Tickets

Get tickets to a performance by your spouse’s favorite musical artist. Your significant other is sure to appreciate the gesture and you’re both guaranteed to have a great time. If your spouse is more into theater arts, get tickets to a performance of their favorite play. For sports fans, consider hockey or basketball game tickets. Wait until the very last moment to tell your spouse where you’re going and he or she will be awestruck.

19. Buy Engraved Jewelry

If you really want to do something thoughtful for your significant other, consider buying a new watch or bracelet for him or her and having it engraved. This makes for a truly timeless gift and every time your guy or girl wears it, they’ll be reminded of you.

20. Put Your Talents to Workwine-6081231020_ca68af8f79_z

Use your talents to show your spouse you care. If you’re great writer, write your guy or girl a romantic poem or a beautiful love letter.  If art is your thing, paint a picture of the two of you and frame it for him or her.  If you’ve got a knack for carpentry, build a nice wine rack and give it to your spouse already stocked with bottles of his or her favorite wines. The possibilities are endless – it’s all up to you and your imagination.

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but that’s no reason for it to be become boring and blasé over time. Use the suggestions listed above to make this Valentine’s Day your spouse’s best one yet.

  • Sending a Valentine gift to an ex-girlfriend is a bad idea unless he hopes
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    These monogrammed items should say something like ‘forever yours’ ordered by you to him highlighting his initials or what you call him lovingly.

    This day of lover is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day.

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