19 Tips to Select the Right Hair Color for you

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The easiest way to change our appearance is to do something with our hair. At some point of time in your life, you would have said statements like “Oh my God, look at her hair. It is so gorgeous.” or maybe “Look at the color of her hair, it is so beautiful. I wish I could have it like that.” Trust me, you can have it. You just need to pick the right hair color that complements your skin tone. Not all colors may suit you, but some will definitely suit you and we are here to help you choose the perfect color for your hair.

The point here is to understand that it is less about what you like and more about what your skin likes. Choosing the best hair color will complement your skin tone and show your facial features more sharply. It will also help you look younger.


There are a lot of factors that you should consider before coloring your hair. Here we give you some tips.

1) Observe your skin tone

First of all, you need to observe your skin tone while choosing a hair color. Check the color of the veins at your wrist. If they are blue, then your undertone is cool. If they are green, your undertone is warm. You are considered neutral if it is somewhere in between.  If you are not able to see the veins at all, then try taking a good quality photo of your face on a bright overcast day without makeup and then eye drop the color with any image editing software to find out your skin shade.

  • For olive skin, dark colors will suit the best. Do not go for colors lighter than your skin, as it will appear artificial.
  • For pink skin, stick to ash tones to neutralize your color. Do not choose shades of warm red or golden blonde.
  • If you have pale skin, nearly any hair color will suit you.
  • Do not go for black or very dark colored hair if you are extremely pale, because it will make you look even paler than you are. It can appear ageing on your skin.
  • Bright striking colors will complement dark skin tones. Avoid using softer shades as they will make you look washed out.
  • For people with yellow hues, deep reds and dark browns are safer. Be careful with yellow, gold or orange tones.


2) Check what type of clothes suits you

The hair color you select will also depend upon the clothes that suit you well.

  • If colors like red, orange, olive green, golden yellow or rust suit you well, then warm hair tones such as golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn are best for you.
  • If you look good in bluish red, fuchsia, blue, black or pine green, then go for cool hair tones, which includes ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black.
  • Neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany will look good on you if red, purple, charcoal grey, periwinkle or teal colored clothes suit you.

 3) Check what type of jewelry suits you

  • You have cool skin tone, if silver looks good on you.
  • If gold suits you better, then you have warm skin tone.
  • If both suit you, then you are neutral.

jewellery and hair color

4) Observe your eye color

Never forget that eye color and hair color always go hand in hand.

  • For people with brown, green and hazel eyes, a warm hair tone like red, gold and auburn shades are best. These eye colors have a yellow base and choosing warm hair tones will complement your style.
  • If you have blue or grey eyes then opt for hair colors like light gold or ash, as these eyes have a blue base.

Eye shades

Here are some tips for each of the colors that you could choose. According to Kelly Van Gogh “The biggest rule of thumb is that your natural hair color is the shade range that you should stay within”.

5) Brown

  • If you already have brown hair, and you just want to deepen the color a bit, then you can choose brown.
  •  If your hair is damaged, brown reflects well in the light, so it minimizes breakages and tresses.
  • The maintenance for this color is minimal. So this would be the color for you if you do not want to go to a parlor for maintenance often.

6) Red

  • People with cool or pink skin can choose dark cold red or purple-red.
  • For very pale skin, anything from bright red to a natural ginger will be good.
  • A bright fire-engine red can look amazing on dark skin.
  • If your hair is damaged, then avoid red.

 7) Blond

  • If you had blond hair by birth and you can afford regular maintenance, then this is the color for you. Blond is an expensive color to maintain as it requires frequent touch-ups and toning products, so that it lasts longer and doesn’t turn brassy.
  • You could go for golden blond if you have warmer skin tone or cold ashy tones if you have cool skin tone.

 8) Black

  • Black works best for dark skin.
  • When you are coloring your hair black, be absolutely certain that it is what you want. Once you dye it black it’s almost impossible to bring it back to your old color without damaging it.

9) Silver or White

  • Silvery blonde tone will counteract the pink tone in your skin. You could choose silver if you have pale skin with cool undertones.
  • Silver or white hair requires a lot of maintenance. They need touch-ups and toning quite often. Also to use such a light color, you require a strong dye, which can damage your hair. You would also have to wash your hair regularly so that your hair doesn’t appear as a pale yellow, greasy color.

And now it’s time for some quick tips…

10) For the best and flawless look, choose a color that is within two shades (lighter or darker) of your natural color.

11) Apply color to unwashed hair to keep them healthy. The natural oils will protect the hair from getting damaged.

12) Semi-permanent colors can be used only to make your hair darker or hide grays. It cannot be used to lighten hair.

13) When you want to dye your hair with non-natural colors like purple, green or blue, first consider how it will look with your current wardrobe and jewelry. Also, think about how your new hair color might clash with your dress code at school or work.

14) Be very careful when you consider going blonde. It can be harmful to already damaged hair as bleach is a strong chemical. Make sure your hair is healthy and strong.

15) Red hair looks good on people with fair skin.

16) If you make a color mistake, don’t try to fix it with another color. If it is a small mishap then just wash your hair consecutively 2-3 times with a clarifying shampoo. If is a major problem, then see a professional.

17) If you are unsure about the color, then you can try changing your hair color in computer softwares such as Photoshop, to give you a better idea.

18) If you are new to hair coloring, then first go for a temporary or semi-permanent hair color and then if you like it, you could make it permanent.

19) Get your hair coloring done by a professional if it is your first time.

Dyeing your hair is not all that difficult, if you are able to find that perfect color to flaunt your style.


Happy Coloring!!!!!