16 Simple Ideas on How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

16 Simple Ideas on How to Drive Traffic to your Blog
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It is good to know how to drive traffic to your blog if you are an ardent blogger. It is not easy to make your blogs get noticed. There are several hundreds of other blogs in the same niche competing against you at all times. So you require some good tactics to attract traffic to your blog.

Here you will see sixteen of them to help you to get more blog traffic.

1. Share each post multiple times

If we share a post multiple times, it is likely to get more attention from customers. Our usual practice is to share it once and forget about it afterwards. But there will be plenty of people who might have missed that first chance to notice it. Use multiple channels to do the propagation. For example, post a blog, then do a Facebook sharing, give a tweet and share it in Google+ also. Next day do a tweet on the same and do a new sharing on Google+ in the subsequent week and so on. This will surely drive traffic to your blog.

2. Influencers’ guest post

The second strategy for driving traffic to your blog is to get some influencers to write for you. For that you need to find out the bloggers who belongs to the same niche of yours with a higher number of followers and ask them to be contribute for you. With that you will get amazing content for your blog and also access to the influencer’s network. If your blog is not so famous, you may need to pay for these influencers and it will be worth it. Discuss with the terms beforehand and proceed further from there.

3. Write more content

how to drive traffic to your blogThe more you keep your blog updated, the more blog traffic you will get. Many studies proved this fact quite strongly. Search engines like Google give more priority to websites with newest content. Therefore, in order to drive traffic to your blog extensively, do your blog posting two times at least in a week.

4. Promotion through social media

If you want to know how to drive traffic to your blog, sharing via social media is one of the most effective method for doing that. Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are all proved their worth in this area so far. If you spend time to develop your networks and share some fantastic content, these social media sites can provide you with a great amount of blog traffic.

5. Eye catching titles

Titles are important as far as the content of a blog. Seeing the title, a potential reader may decide whether to read the post or not. Title should entice readers with promises and solutions as you see if you notice the titles of articles in a magazine. Try to create such type of title for your blog content and of course you get more blog traffic.

6. Find out your perfect niche

If you search for the methods to know how to get more traffic on your blog, you should be keen on this point. If your subjects of blog articles are dealing with everything under sun, your readers may get confused and they will lose interest in reading your articles. Decide your target audience and write for them with the specific message you prefer to convey. You could write about beauty products, fashion jewelry and accessories, clothing, shoes and the list is endless. Don’t deviate wide from your niche. The continuity will help you to get more blog traffic.

7. Inclusion of photos

Photos in blogs has proved as a strategic method to get more blog traffic. A photo will make a blog post more appealing to the readers. It also has the additional advantage that you can include keywords in the ‘alt image tag’ on the image or photo, encouraging SEO for your website. You should be careful to select royalty-free images from sites like clipart rather than copying something from Google as it may have the risk of violating copyright laws.

8. Perfect keywords

The incorporation of suitable keywords are optimal in a blog post. Keywords are known as the centre of SEO. It is good to have a keyword strategy for all of your blog pages. For each your blog post, select one key phrase. Add this phrase into the title, page headline, minimum two times in the content and give it as part of the page link also. Keyword focus helps search engines to understand the content and drive relevant traffic to your blog more.

9. Page links

If you mention product or services of other company’s in your post, include a link to the page of that company. It is good with respect to the search engine and it may also help the company notice you and include you in their link. Readers will get more information from you about more resources and they will become happy about your post.

10. Social sharing buttons

At the top and bottom area of your blogs posts, give social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar networking sites so that your readers can easily spread the word and you may get more blog traffic.

11. Retweet

Retweeting of the past content is a good method for driving traffic to your blog. Not all of us are looking at twitter at the same moment. It is most probable to miss many of them at any time. If you retweet the past content, it is very much likely to be noticed by your readers at one moment or the other. Generally readers are not picky about the time of writing as long as the content is relevant.

12. Add some videos

When you search ways for knowing how to drive traffic to your blog, you see that the publication of videos is a good method as it is recommended by many. Make a sweet and meaningful short video with the message you wish to convey and publish it in sites like YouTube. You can link it with your blog. Also add short videos along with the content in your blog post.

13. Investment in promotions

If you are aware that your viewers are spending time on sites like Facebook, once in a while do some investment for sponsoring posts. With a small amount of money, you can boost a blog post of yours and increase its circulation. If you have an associated fashion or jewelry store, you can promote your jewelry on sale or give some great discounts. You can also pick random winners and give them free products to try out.

14. Organize some special events

The organizing of events like ‘free book weekends’ with an option for your readers to win a prize for the submission of a comment or sharing of your link through their social media page is a good plan to get blog traffic. You need to organize the prize by yourself or can find some sponsors to promote the event.

15. Guest post writing

Locate some other blogs for your target audience and offer to write some guest posts for them. If they have a good audience, gradually their readers may seek you to get more content from you.

16. Cross promotions

Instead of giving new contents in your e-newsletter always, once in a while share a relevant part of your recent blog posts and give the respective link at the end. In that way the readers can go to your site and read the content fully form there. This is a useful strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

Along with the above mentioned tips, you need to be careful to give good content with proper subheads, numbering etc. promote readers’ comments and make your content interesting and fun. Now go ahead confidently and be a successful blogger.

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