15 Sexy Ways to Wear a Brooch

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There are many fashionable ways in which women can accent an outfit with brooches. Just to prove it, here are plenty of sexy ways to wear a brooch. When people hear the word brooch, they probably think of their grandmothers who wore brooches on the lapels of their blouses. A brooch is just another name for a pin that usually has a lot of ornate detail but many younger generations associate this fashion accent with the baby boomer crowd only. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Here are fashionable ways to wear a brooch

1. Accent your hair

Give your hairstyle a touch of sparkle by turning an old brooch into a hair clip. Not only will this accessorize your look but it will also give your hair an elegant twist. You can play up any basic headband by attaching a brooch to it and even a simple ponytail can be enhanced by clipping a brooch onto your rubberband. Turning a brooch into a hairpiece is a simple DIY project that you can use with many different hairstyles.

2. DIY jewelry

Another great DIY project to make brooches sexier is to turn a brooch into a piece of jewelry. Try transforming your brooch into a locket or a bracelet. Make these jewelry pieces your own by threading silk ribbon through the brooch or placing it around your wrist or tying it around your neck as a locket. Not only will you look great but your friends will also be impressed with your creativity.

3. Accentuate an open back dress


There’s no better way to accentuate an open back dress than with a classic brooch. Simply clip the brooch at the top of the dress’s back to accent the style and draw attention to your bare skin. This works best when you wear your hair off your neck so that it doesn’t get tangled in the brooch’s clasp at the same time keeps the brooch visible.

4. Make the bodice a focal point

Don’t just accentuate the back of your dress; make the front of your dress a focal point as well. Try to find a brooch that matches the style of your dress and flows with the cut. You can place the brooch in the middle of your bodice to enhance your bust.

5. Decorate your bags

Add a brooch to your favorite handbag or luggage set to accent your style and dress up your accessories. This tactic is especially great for adding some personality to your work bags. Combine fashion with function by adding a well-placed brooch to your ergonomic laptop bag or messenger bag to look sexy and professional at the same time.

6. Enhance a hat

Place a brooch on an old hat to give it a new style. Play up your retro and vintage vibes by wearing a brooch on a 1920’s inspired hat. You can also enhance your beanies, berets or fedoras with brooches as well. Attaching a brooch to a hat adds an interesting focal point and a lot of individuality.


7. Fasten a scarf

Fastening a scarf with a brooch is both classic and sexy. Pair a plain gold or silver brooch with a bright colored scarf to really make the colors pop. You can also try finding a brooch with colors similar to your scarf so it will match the scarf perfectly.

8. Cluster and collage

You know all those old brooches your mother and grandmother have lying around? Put them to good use and make a cluster of brooches on a blazer. Cluster them by theme for a fresh take on a basic jacket. You’ll be able to show off your vintage style while still following the latest trends.

9. Show off your curves

Emphasize your hips and show off your natural curves by placing a brooch to the side of the waist on a dress or skirt. This has become a popular trend with celebrities and it will certainly enhance the curves of your hips and bust. If you have an outrageous or gaudy brooch, pair it with a basic black dress to give your style some zest.

10. Create a belt buckle

Make your brooch the center piece for a belt buckle. It’ll be the focal point of your attire. Be it any type of pant: a palazzo, a harem or a sailor pant, a brooch used as a belt buckle will give a very feminine look. Your belt buckle will also be custom made so no one else will have the exact same one as you.


11. Dress up Your Jeans

Add some bling to your jeans. Bulky and gaudy brooches work best for jeans because they’re much more playful than elegant ones. Place the brooches strategically on your pockets to draw attention to your thighs and accent your outfit.

12. Celebrity inspiration

Take some hints from Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic fashion sense. She’s been known to wear brooches as choker necklaces and as accents on clothing. Creating your own choker necklace with a brooch is simple, fun and easy. If you’re feeling exceptionally daring, pin an oversized or extravagant brooch to your outfit.

13. Accent close-to-home clothes

If you like to make your own clothing or play around with DIY projects, why not add a brooch to clothing you’ve made yourself? It will certainly show off your personal flare and accent your hard work. If you’re the kind of person who holds on to old clothes you loved, adding a brooch to that old t-shirt in your closet is also a nice way to dress up an outdated style.

14. Accessorize your gloves

It’s difficult to wear your fashionable rings when the weather demands that gloves are necessary. Add a brooch to the outside of your gloves so you can be both warm and trendy at the same time. Place the brooch at the wrist of your gloves to simulate cufflinks, or place a small brooch on one of your glove’s fingers to look like a ring.

15. The old-fashioned way

Women in the 1900’s wore brooches on the lapels of their jackets. Brooches would usually be attached between their necklines and their shoulders. Wearing brooches in this way was considered classy and feminine during the time. If you’re a classic kind of girl, wearing a brooch the old fashioned way might still be just the right kind of sexy for you.

You can make this style more modern by pairing your brooch with a cardigan. If you’re going for a girly look, pair a flowered brooch with a soft gray cardigan. You can also make the look edgier by wearing a skull brooch on a basic black outfit or a leather jacket.

Brooches add a fun flare to any outfit, handbag or other accessory. Play around with some of the ideas listed above to discover more modern and trendy ways to use brooches in your everyday dress. Maybe you’ll be the one known for bringing brooches back in style and setting the latest fashion trend in your area.

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