13 Fitting Room Struggles for Every Girl

13 Fitting Room Struggles for Every Girl
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Shopping is quite alluring for many girls. But the struggle of finding the perfect dress may feel like a nightmare. The fitting room catastrophes are the most unpleasant facts of shopping for many girls.  It is unavoidable in most of the cases. But if you know about the facts in advance, you can prepare yourself for the worst and who knows, you may come out after the fitting struggle quite unscathed. Here you can see a list of thirteen realities about the fitting room troubles a girl may face in a dress shopping spree.

1. Small Fitting Room Size

Most of the fitting rooms are in the size of a shoe box. It may be too small and you may not be able to move around without colliding on the walls. So be aware about the room size and the vicinity available for you to move around.

2. Restriction on Count of Pieces in Fitting Room

When you try to gather as many pieces to take with you to the fitting room to try them on, you may get a warning from the shop assistant in a strict voice that you are only allowed to take six pieces with you to the fitting room. No pleading will work there and you need to adhere to the rule and do some initial selection before taking the pieces to the fitting room to try them on.

3. No Companions Allowed in the Fitting Room

You direly need your best friend there to give her approval, but the shop assistant is adamant that you cannot take anyone with you to the fitting room. So you are by yourself there to try on the pieces.

4. When you Need to Call your friend to look at your Outfit

If you try to yell down for your friend, all the people around there will look at you as if you are some alien who does not know a thing about public manners. You badly need your friend’s approval, but you struggle to show her the outfit on you.

5. When you Need to go to the Store for Another Size

Now none of the pieces you chose earlier are a perfect fit for you and you need something different and the shop assistant is not anywhere to be seen. You may want to get a different size or a different color and you have no other way but go to the store barefoot and get different pieces to try them on.

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6. When the Fitting Rooms are Locked

Sometimes you see the fitting rooms are locked and no employee is available to open them for you. You wonder how they manage the shop without enough employees. It is their great trade secret and we are not supposed to know it. Standing there with all your outfit picks could not just be wasting time but also frustrating.

7. When you are Wearing a Dress and Selecting a Top

The outfit you are in when you go for shopping is your favorite dress. But you want to select a top. You have no other way but imagine about how it may look with your actual pants.

8. When you are Shopping Alone

You may terribly need a second opinion and no one is there to give it for you. You best friend is in home quite busy and not available. So you need to trust you judgment once and go with whatever you seem fitting good on you.

9. When you do not see Fitting Room Signs/Signage

At times the stores do not have clear fitting room signs or the fitting rooms are located on just one end of the big shop floor. It is not only painful to locate the fitting room signage but also not a good shopping experience to go back and forth with your selections to the fitting room on the other end of the store.

10. Believing the Shopping Assistant

Some stores have shopping assistants for you, if you need their help or advice on the outfit. If you do not like anything so badly that you may want to buy, the assistant may still recommend you something that does not quite match your color tone or eye color. You may not be able to believe her if you think she is in a mission to sell the pieces any way or there is some great commission she may get after the sale.

11. Poor Lighting in the Fitting Room

This may happen frequently. You cannot decide about the color of the piece or its designs as the light is so feeble in the fitting room. Well lit fitting rooms, make your selection easy.

12. When it is too Hot

Normally there won’t be any ventilation or air condition in the fitting room and you may feel as if a hundred suns are burning there and you need to get out as soon as possible. This makes the trials not enjoyable and you end up struggling to pick something.

13. When you have No Idea about the Size

This may be your first time in that shop and you may not have any idea about their size numbers. So you may require lots of pieces to try on before you get some idea about the dress size suitable for you.

Whatever be the difficulties you face there, fitting room is an essential evil when you need to select a perfect dress for a special occasion. So before going into the shop, prepare yourself for all the possibilities and sometimes you may even enjoy the experience if you can keep a light heart about all of the things that can possibly occur there.