13 Fashion Trends You’ll Love This Spring

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Spring is just around the corner. It’s time to prepare your wardrobe to match the season. This season has an array of new styles for you to choose from 90’s chic to 50’s style dresses. Check out these spring fashion trends.

1. Orange clothing and accessories

exquisite-statement-necklace-0[1]Orange is the New Black isn’t just a great TV show, it’s also the statement of spring 2014!

This spring, add a little fire to your life by wearing a cute orange dress or accessorize your other outfits with orange shoes, belts, sweater, or hand bags.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.

2. Pastel colors

Nothing reminds a person more of spring time than soft pastel colors. They just scream “new life”. What’s really in for this spring’s fashion trends are pastel colored bomber jackets, broad shorts, and CEO style dresses. Accessorize your black and white or orange outfits with soft pinks and blues.

3. The 90’s Are Back

Are you ready for a blast from the past? Break out your walk man and your denim jacket because 90’s fashion is making a comeback. For those who don’t remember the 90’s, people often wore flannel and metallic embellished clothing. The great thing about this fashion trend is you can find what you need at your local thrift shop!

4. Collard Button-Down Shirtscollared-button-down-shirt

Put some class into your everyday outfit by putting on a menswear inspired dress shirt. These collared shirts really make a statement with contrasting colors.

Whether you are putting some flare into you work outfit or getting dressed for a day of fun, collard button-down will have you looking fabulous.

Try them, you will love the style and attitude.

5. Foxy Boxy Jackets

The non-moto boxy cropped jackets are perfect for all occasions. Wear them casually or as an accessory for a fancy evening. These jackets come in a verity of textures and prints, so you’ll find one that can suit any outfit.

6. Black and White

Opposites attract when it comes to clothing this season. Try complimenting your solid black top with a bold white skirt. Or get a white dress with a beautiful black floral pattern. The black and white gives the wearer a sleek industrial look. If you want to offset the iciness of black and white, accessorize with orange or pastel colored shoes, belts, or purses.

Wide-Legged-Pants7. Wide Legged Pants

What happens when comfort meets chic?

Wide legged billowy pants, that’s what!

Be aware that if you have shorter legs than runway models, you’ll want to get a pair that is leaner and high waist.

Not just the wide legged pants give you great style, wearing them with high heels also makes you appear taller.

8. Sweater Dressing

Cute knit sweaters are a hot item for this spring. Light knit sweaters come in a verity of colors and patterns, ranging from bold and colorful to simple and elegant. These sweaters look great with flirtatious skirts and blousy shorts.

9. Tea-length Skirts and DressesTea-length-Skirts

A “tea-length” skirt or dress falls right at the end of your calves, before your ankles. This outfit makes you look like cute 50’s house wife with a modern flare.

“Charming yet professional” is the best way to describe this outfit.

This breezy ensemble is perfect for spring weather.

10. The Shift Blouse

Shift blouses are the classy cousin of the T-shirt. This flattering number has elbow length sleeves and a boxy shape. It’s very flattering to the torso. They’re available in a variety of colors, patterns, and neckline cuts.

11. Collarless Coats

Collarless coats go well with pencil skits and formal trousers, good for an office outfit or a night on the town. They usually come in solid colors but you can find them in playful colors with exciting prints or denim.

12. Striped Athletic Pants

Athletic clothing normally doesn’t say “chic” but it does when it comes to trouser fitted athletic pants. Athletic pants normally come in dark colors but try changing it up by wearing light or white colored pants with a bold stripe going down the legs. Pair them with your collared button down for a modern yet sophisticated look.

13. Bomber Jackets

There’s only one word that can really describe a bomber jacket: cool. These sporty jackets are available in all styles and colors. This tomboy like jacket can be worn to offset the femininity of a dress or to further compliment athletic wear.

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