12 Tips on How to Choose Sneakers for Women

12 Tips on How to Choose Sneakers for Women
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How to choose sneakers for women? This is a frequently asked question these days as women are more and more concerned about their body fitness these days and sneakers are an important element in the fitness exercise routine. Choosing the perfect sneakers for women needs careful planning and appropriate selection. When you enter a sneaker shop, due to the numerous styles and types, you may feel difficulty to select the perfect sneakers suitable for your use. So this guidelines will help you to select the great sneakers for your use.

1. Select sneakers separately for each task

It not good to use same sneakers for multitasks. For walking you need stiffer footwear, but for running you need your sneakers flexible with some additional cushioning facilities to bear greater impact. So if you need sneakers for both of these purposes choose two different pairs suitable for each of them.

2. Look for a stability pair of sneakers

When you go for buying sneakers, look for stability. For attaining this, you need to know your foot. There are different foot types. You need to know the exact shape of your foot to choose the proper pair of sneakers. Stand on a brown paper with wet feet to get the imprint of your foot. It will give you the shape of your foot. You can mark it with a pencil and cut the shape after drying. Select the suitable sneaker that matches your foot shape and it will be a stability pair for you.


3. Take frequent foot measurements

Studies prove that our foot size changes as we become older. So it is advisable to measure your foot size twice a year and select the sneakers according to the correct measurement for more durability and comfort.

4. Select your footwear at the end of the day

It is natural that your feet to swell over during the course of the day. They will expand while you are running or walking. So select the sneakers at the end of the day rather than in the morning, after you have done the day’s activities. It will help you to get them in the proper measurement to use them at all times of the day without any discomfort.

5. Try them with socks

While doing shoe shopping be equipped with your socks which you use while running or walking. If you have a practice to wear orthotics, take them also as the shoes need to fit the orthotics inside of them.

6. Check the comfort

You need to check the comfort of the sneakers in advance. Run or walk around the sneakers’ store for a while to check their comfort. Choose the ones you feel good for your exercise. Also you need to wiggle your toes in them. Don’t take a pair in which you are not able to jiggle your toes.

7. Choose the appropriate model

Some sneaker models may look like they are suitable for a space walking. But don’t avoid them always. All those extra features are good for some purposes. Their fillings with air, gel or freon will provide extra shock absorption strength and very much good for people who have foot pain. People who have the tendency to twist their ankles don’t use such type of pairs as they make them more accident prone.

8. Select sneakers with a fair price

Don’t under pay or over pay for your perfect pair of sneakers. Don’t go for celebrity styles and glamour brands. Choose the reasonable pairs with a moderate price.

9. Timely replacement

The timely replacement of your sneakers are vital. Don’t use them more than 350-400 miles. After that due to the wear and tear they may not able to protect your foot properly. So replace them when you feel any discomfort while using them, even though they look good from outside.

10. Think about the use

Before you are going to buy a new pair of sneakers, think about its use and if needed, get some advice from the shop assistants about the type suitable for your purpose. Buy separate pairs for your daily walking or running exercises.

11. Do direct shopping

It is not good to choose your sneakers online. You are likely to get them correct, but you cannot test them before the purchasing and check its comfort and fitting level. If you do direct shopping from a shop, you can wear it in your socks and walk around a little to test them. It is not possible while doing the online shopping.

12. Get a different pair to play soccer / basketball

If you are a person who plays soccer, get a separate pair for playing rather than using a conservative pair you wear while walking along the park. If you want to play basketball, buy a pair suitable for that purpose as sneakers are available with all the necessary fittings and variations for all kinds of exercises and activities. If you choose wisely, you can remain as fit as you wish.

Sneakers are essential to do your exercise properly as your movements are dependent upon the comfort of your foot and its protection from accidents and discomforts. If you are concerned about the numerous sneaker brands available in a sneaker shop, do some prior study in advance. If you are someone with foot pain or other similar problems, consult with your doctor first about the sneakers you should use while doing your exercises. Remember, sneakers are important while doing your fitness routine and select them wisely.