12 Best Wedding Jewelry Pieces

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Imagine an ungarnished dish! Would you still want to eat it? That’s what accessories do to your look, they complete it! A woman’s wedding is one of the most important days of her life and she wants it to be perfect! It’s true that it’s usually the dress that steals all the attention but accessories are something which help in enhancing your look! Before choosing your jewellery, make sure you have the dress first, because your jewellery is centred around your dress. To make your job easier, here are the 12 best wedding jewelry pieces.

1.       Tiara

All of us, at some point or another, have wanted to be a princess just like the Disney movies portray. A tiara is the best jewellery to adorn your head .It truly makes you feel like a princess on your wedding day. A tiara can also be used to hold your veil in place. You could either choose a simple tiara that does not over shadow your veil and showcases its intricate details, or if your veil is really plain, you could wear a slightly bigger jewelled tiara with diamonds and pearls.

 2.       Earrings

If you’ve got pierced ears, don’t just leave them empty, decorate them! A pair of earrings could do wonders to your look. If your wedding gown is a strapless one, or has a sweetheart neckline, you can wear big glitzy earrings! They can be chandeliers or if you feel like splurging. They can also be a pair of big solitaire earrings; these pieces highlight your neck instead of making it look empty and bare.

 3.       Bracelet

If you’re wearing a dress with no sleeves, a bracelet is the perfect way to adorn your hands! It can be a simple cuff bracelet with an intricate pattern or chunky one, depending on how much you want to highlight your dress. Cuff bracelets are a good choice for asymmetric and halter gowns! You can choose a simple silver bracelet or mix it up with a gold one. Just make sure it complements your dress and you don’t end up looking like a colourful mess!

4.       Statement Necklaces

statement-necklacesIf your dress happens to show off your neck, you can opt for a necklace to assemble your look. A simple statement necklace can go a long way to add a wow factor to your appearance. Use a statement necklace when you want to draw a lot of attention to it. Choosing one is up to you; it can be strands of pearls or an elegant collar necklace. For simple dresses, a statement necklace can add much needed pop of colour. Remember, you might not want to wear big earrings with an elaborate necklace because they might clash and you might end up over accessorizing.

5.       Pendants

A pendant is a great way of accessorizing without stealing too much attention from your dress! For an intricate and elaborate gown a pendant is probably the best way to go as it blends in with your dress.  If your neckline is V shaped then long pendants would look great with them.  Remember the jewellery should be centred around your dress. Your dress is still the main attraction. You can choose a floating diamond necklace or a gold pendant to pull off your look.

 6.       Headbands and Combs


 If a tiara is not really your style, you can always opt for an elegant headband that can sweep hair away from your face or a bun ring to encircle your bun. Either way, make sure it matches your dress.  A white gown would definitely be complemented by silver and crystals whereas ivory dresses would be flattered by gold accessories. You can also tie your hair up in a bun and use a small silver comb or a back piece if you opt out of a veil.

7.       Diamond Jewellery

Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And on your wedding day, shower yourself with them. Diamonds look great with white gowns and dresses. Be careful while choosing diamond jewellery look for the cut you like.

8.       Pearls Jewellery

If your dress happens to be ivory then pearls are a fabulous combination. Pearls are available in black, pink, white and even in slight green tones.  These are less expensive but look elegant. Pair them up with your classic or vintage gowns to get a wow effect. You can pair your strapless wedding gown with long strands of pearls or just wear a simple pair of pearl earrings.

9.       Gold Jewellery

 Brides are often afraid of incorporating metals in their look though traditional gold jewellery goes a long way in complementing your champagne and ivory gowns. A simple gold necklace or a pendant can highlight your dress.

10.   Gemstones

You can be a little bold and add gemstones that compliment your gown. Gemstones come in various colours like blue, yellow and green. They can add a splash of colour to your look. Don’t be afraid of straying off white a little for your wedding look though these stones should not be used excessively unless you want to look like a disco ball.

 11.   Crystals

These can be incorporated in your gown or can be used as accessories.  You can use them in your tiaras, your necklace, anywhere! They are a cheaper substitute to diamonds but serve just as well!

 12.   Other coloured jewellery

Do not shy away from coloured jewellery. These items are relatively cheap and go easy on your pocket. Coloured jewellery though not used much often, can brighten your look. You could personalize it according to your liking and mix and match to rock your look.

Remember to not ignore your accessories till the last minute and pay attention to them. They might not look important but when incorporated with your dress you will see a massive change. Also do not overdo with accessorising. Your dress is the highlight of your look. It might be easy to get carried away with all the shiny pieces of jewellery.  Don’t be afraid to break tradition a little, it’s your wedding, personalize it! Don’t forget to match well, for example chunky turquoise jewellery would definitely not look good with your stunning white gown.