11 Secrets to choosing the Right Perfume

11 Secrets to choosing the Right Perfume
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Don’t you just love it when a person smells good? Sometimes, even a person might be good. But if he/she stinks, you would probably try to get away from them. On the other hand, if a person is wearing a nice scent, you will find them attractive.

Sometimes a simple fragrance can have a long-lasting effect on you. It can stay in your head for long provided that it is not a bad thing!

Often you find yourself looking for that perfect scent. If only it were that easy! Some people don’t even change their perfume for years altogether. It has almost becomes a part of their identity. Isn’t this why sometimes you may or may not even remember the person but you remember the scent clearly? Also, you might even associate a particular scent with a person.

Here are a few tips for you on how to decide on the right fragrance:

1. Fragrance Families:

To choose a fragrance, you will need to look at the various fragrance families. Yes, families. Fragrances are clubbed together on the basis of their characteristics. We can select fragrances from different families according to our specific tastes.

● Floral: This is perhaps the most well-liked option amongst all the others and especially for women. Floral perfumes and colognes contain one or more kind of flower scents. It is feminine probably because it is sweet-smelling and light such as rose, violet, lavender, jasmine, etc.

● Oriental: These scents are a bit aggressive you can say. These are muskier than their counterparts. These can also be slightly spicy as they have hints of cinnamon, vanilla and clove. As a result, these are perfect for wearing in the evenings and at nights.

● Chypre/Wood: This family of perfumes consists of earthy, woody scents like oak, moss, bergamot, sandalwood, cedar wood, etc. These are generally considered as masculine and hence, fall in the category of men’s perfumes.

● Fresh: This family consists of scents which give a blast of fresh-smelling fragrances. This reminds one of the outdoors. If you’re an adventurous and ‘outdoor’ person, these might be the best choice for you. Some fresh fragrances are lime, lemon, orange, leaves, apricot, and generally all kinds of citrus fruits.

2. Perfectly Timed

It is important to note that while some scents can be worn at any given time, most of them are only suitable to be worn in particular seasons or days. Light, clean scents can be worn in summer while rich, heavy scents are best suited for winter.

3. Seasonal Ones

You should also keep different fragrances with you just to switch during the seasons. Scents also help to portray emotions. So, be a little careful while choosing one. You can wear a lighter, floral scent during summer time and a musky one on a cold winter day. Also, make sure that you don’t get too many fragrances as it will be just a waste of time and money as you probably won’t even use all of them.

4. The Characteristics of a Perfume

Each and every perfume has a ‘note’, that is, perfumes have layers which form the overall scent. These layers are notes. When we smell a particular scent, we smell its different layers or notes. Each layer gives way to a new layer. So, when you spray a particular perfume, say on your wrist, it will not smell the same after a few hours as it did when you sprayed it initially.

A perfume has typically three notes:

● Top note: The moment you put your perfume on, you smell the top note. A top note is what you smell immediately after applying your perfume. It fades away pretty fast and gives way to the middle note.

● Middle note: The middle note comes out when the top note wears away. It is also called bouquet. This forms the majority of what we smell after wearing a perfume.

● Base note: When the middle note fades away, we are left with the base note. These are richer and provide depth to the scent. Do not buy a perfume until you smell the base note.

5. Types of Scents

There are various kinds of scents available in stores. You can buy any one according to your tastes:

● Eau de toilette: This has four to eight per cent of perfume oil mixed with alcohol only.

● Eau de cologne: This has three to five percent of perfume oil mixed with alcohol and water. It is considered refreshing and light.

● Eau de parfum: This has a high percentage of perfume oil which is about fifteen to eighteen percent mixed with alcohol. It is generally pricier than eau de cologne and eau de toilette.

● Perfume: This has the highest amount of perfume oil mixed with alcohol which is about fifteen to thirty percent. As a result, it is generally expensive.

6. Testing

Always test the perfume that you are potentially buying. You simply can’t rely on the marketing and whatever the advertisements tell you. You can ask for a sample and try it yourself so that you’re sure that you want to buy it. Plus, as we have already mentioned earlier that any particular scent smells different on each person, you should wear it and decide for yourself.

7. Wearing the Aroma

So, you’ve got a perfume, but you should also know how to wear it so that it lasts long. The scent also depends on the place on your body where you have applied the perfume. You should wear it as soon as you come out of the shower. The pores on your body open up after the bath and so the scent stays longer. You can also apply a little bit of petroleum jelly on the parts where you want to apply the perfume. It will last longer then.

8. The No Nos

Too much talcum powder and creams especially scented ones clash with the scent. Also, it will be difficult for the perfume to be absorbed by the skin.

9. Keep it Focused

It is best if you apply the perfume on your pulse points. You can apply it on your neck, wrists, behind the ears and behind the knees for optimum utilization. If you apply it on the pulse points, it will stay longer with no reapplication being required.

10. Get the Scents which you Enjoy

This is a very important part of the process of buying perfumes. You can try and match the perfumes with the smells which you like and appreciate in your own life. It will have a positive affect on you and you will be happy too.

11. Don’t Overdo:

Whenever you’re out to buy perfumes, never apply clashing scents together. Don’t try them together. It will end up confusing you regarding which fragrance is which.