10 Less Known Benefits of Juicing

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Juicing encompasses the abstraction of juice from vegetables and fruits. Theories exists if there are any health benefits from juicing whole vegetables and or fruits. However, experts agree to that juicing is one key way of acquiring substantial levels and or amounts of minerals, anti-oxidants , vitamins & enzymes. Greater absorption of the vital nutrients result from juicing.

The benefits of juicing are numerous and have been talked about since many generations and seasons. Here are the 10 less known benefits of juicing.

1.   Digestive Rest

Digesting organs work hard each and every day. Juicing gives the system the much deserved break to relax from the everyday normal digestion process. Our bodies obtain 95% of vitamins, minerals and enzymes directly from extracts of fruits of vegetables. Juicing makes these key elements readily available in our blood stream. With juicing, digestion happens faster since only one type of food is consumed, unlike combining variety of foods that requires different enzymes for digestion process.

Benefit: Gives digestive system a break to revive

benefits of juicing2.      Preserves Nutrients

Unlike bottled juices from the super stores which have been pasteurized thereby destroying the vital nutrients, juicing preserves all the healthy & vital nutrients. Juicing is the most desired way of achieving all the natural nutrients of vegetable or fruit. Cooking or warming vegetables reduces the nutrients and food value and most time removes their beneficial enzymes that it contains.

Benefit: Retains beneficial enzymes

3.      Longevity

It has been proven by research that consuming seven or more cups of vegetable and fruits juices each day helps to prolong the life span of the individual.  The current wave is towards cleansing of the body system by juicing. Juicing cleanses and detoxifies the system from impurities and impending ailments. This juicing therapy is also referred to as juice cleansing and is done as a routine every 1 to 7 days. Advocates of juice cleansing support the fact that it juicing helps to get rid of toxins in the body – these toxins cause serious ailments  like cancer.

Benefit: Removes toxins

4.      Weight Loss Management

Experts have also agreed on the theory with proofs, that consuming at least 8 to 10 ounces of natural fruits and fruit juice leads to lose of about four pounds of weight in just over 3 months. Consuming fruit and vegetable juice stimulates the intake of vitamin C and potassium. It also helps lower the intake of carbohydrates. Juicing of greens is advised as against just ordinary fruit juice. This limits the intake of excessive sugar (fructose) that is the main reason of weight gain.

Benefit: Maintained weight reduction & sustainability

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5.      Promotes Immune System

Juicing accelerates the immune system of individuals. This is triggered due to the of the presence of photo chemical in the juice. Juices revitalizes and strengthens the entire body via the bio-photonic light energy.

Benefit: Increases immunity

6.   Fast and Easy Digestion

Juicing provides help which is highly essential for immediate digestion. Juicing keeps the digestive enzymes in raw foods which break the food fragment found the digestive system. Not only are juices easily digested but the resulting enzymes help to process other food in the system. The nutrients existing in the juice help to restore and revive the glands and the organs that work with digestion and by doing so, the ability to retain nutrients more is increased. Juicing helps to improve digestion to a high and reasonable level as this is essential in the lives of those who make juicing important. As it improves digestion, general body health is also improved thereby eliminating indigestion. The body system remains healthy and the digestive system free from impurities.

Benefit: Removed digestive issues

7.   Improves Cardiovascular Health

fruit-juicingOne can aim and monitor some specific health challenges by the perfect combination of fruits and vegetable juices. The quality of the blood flow is improved, the blood sugar level is regulated, the blood pressure is regulated and the arteries are regularly kept clean. An improved heart health is maintained by juicing as the heart gets the right nutrients because of the juices.

Benefit: Maintains good heart health

8.   Detoxes the Liver

A healthy liver can be achieved and maintained by juicing. Among other things, the liver functions to produce bile which is for the conversion of sugar to glycogen, break-down of fats, removes from the blood harmful and toxic constituents and then stores essential minerals and vitamins. Juicing functions as a detoxifying agent to the liver which is the means of getting away of all congested, blocked filters in the liver. Toxins are poisonous to human system and bring about the presence of disease in the system and overall poor health.

Benefit: Purifies the liver

9.   Alkalizes Your System

Juicing brings the body system in to an appropriate acid/alkaline balance which contributes to better quality and enhanced health most especially through vegetable juicing. High acid/alkaline imbalance is caused by the day’s stress, obesity, aging, and the distinctive modern diet. Excessive acid damages the body system in several ways.

Benefit: Fosters acid / alkaline balance

Benefits-of-Juicing10.  Fosters Eyes, Skin, Hair, and Nails

Juicing is another form of healing balm to the sensitive organs of the body. Juicing helps the eyes visibility level, hair growth, skin shine, and nails growth and hardens the nails. For someone who has bad sight, juicing can help to restore the sight without many visits to the doctors. Juicing can help the hair in so many ways such as gaining body, becoming full, and restore grey hair to its original youthful state.

Benefit: Improves overall health

Juice contains all the known vitamins and minerals and is known is an efficient healer of diseases and ailments. Juice is mostly rich in proteins and it has amino acid which is the body building blocks. Juices contain about 75% chlorophyll which is helpful for blood building. Juicing is and can be called an art that should be maintained and be kept alive because it has been proven beneficial and healthy to the people.

These vitamins and minerals are very essential and highly needed in the body system of both the young and the old people. They are very essential in the growth of a newly born baby –for teething and other developmental stages and for the development of the unborn baby

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