The Top 5 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Lingerie Drawer

The Top 5 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Lingerie Drawer
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Lingerie drawers hold women’s priced possessions Most fashion conscious women tend to focus their efforts on creating a great wardrobe. Whilst your outer clothing and trendy accessories are really important, it’s also worth taking some time and consideration to get your inner clothing – your lingerie and underwear – in good shape, too.

So, here are the top 5 things that every woman should own in her lingerie drawer.

I. A Collection of Bras

You can never have enough underwear, but the one item that you should own is a set of different convertible bras. The great thing about a bras is that it is adaptable to suit different styles of outfits, whether you choose to go strapless, have a low back dress or halter. When you do go shopping for a bra, make sure that you choose one that fits well (get yourself measured, if needs be) and make sure that it feels utterly comfortable – as you could be getting a lot of wear out of it!


Types of Bras

  1. Full-Cup Bra
  2. Balconette Bra
  3. Demi-Cup Bra
  4. Multiway / Strapless Bra
  5. Plunge Bra
  6. Padded Bra
  7. T-Shirt Bra
  8. Non-Wired Bra
  9. Bandeau Bra
  10. Sports Bra
  11. Minimiser Bra
  12. Adhesive or Stick-on Bra

Now lets see in more detail how each of these bras are different.

1. Full-Cup Bra

full cup braFull cup bras are popular because they way they hold your breasts. These cups cover the breast completely and hence provide  lot of support, especially needed for women with larger cup size. The shoulder strap for these full cup bras are usually wider to give support. Sports bras therefore always have wider straps and full cups.

The only downside with full cup bras are that they show if you wear anything that has a slighly deep neckline. For those specific clothing, consider a demi or plunge bra in your lingerie drawer.

2balconette bra. Balconette Bra

A balconette bra is essentially a demi cup bra that usually have cups lower to allow wearing low cut necklines. The balconette bra differentiates from plunge bra as it has horizontal line along the tops of the cups. Plunge bra goes even low between the breasts.

Other than low cut cups, balconette bra has underwires and widely set straps for low necklines.


demi cup bra3. Demi Cup Bra

‘Demi’ is referred as the shape of the cup for a bra. In this style the cup is quite low and just covers the nipples.

It plunges very low to show off the cleavage and the shoulder straps are wide.

With low cups and wide apart straps, the demi cup bra are great picks for scoop neck and wide neckline tops and dresses.

multiway strapless bra4. Multiway / Strapless Bra

Convertible or multiway bras are a must haves for every women. The straps for a convertible can be removed and they can be worn as a strapless bra. They have hooks so you can reattach them in various ways to wear with clothes where standard bra types would show up.

The strap configurations can do wonders, so be sure to research before you pick one. The straps have hooks at the ends and there will be multiple slots where they can hook into on the bra. Look for the options and what suits your needs best.

plunge bra5. Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are suited for low cut tops and dresses. The cups for plunge bras join between the breasts with a thin center piece. The straps are wide and the cups give full coverage.

Tip while buying plunge bras is to lean forward when trying in the changing room. Make sure that the breasts do not fall out when leaning, which happens in most plunge bras, if they are not the right fit for you. If you have to do further deep, you also have U plunge or deep plunge bra that is even deeper than the plunge bra.

padded bra6. Padded Bra

A padded bra is usually worn to either hide the nipple shape or to give a fuller breast look. Pads are placed at the base of the cup to life the breast and give it the appearance of a larger breast size. Light padding is also added through the cup to hide the nipple shape.

Padded bras come in different shapes and styles. They could be demi, t-shirt, push up and more. No one can however make out if it is padded or not by looking at you. The pads also come in a variety of material like foam, silicone, gels and liquids than make it feel more real. At times the pads are removable and can be inserted back when needed.

tshirt bra7. T-shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra is another must have in every lingerie drawer. It has seamless contour cups that are so designed to give a smooth look under the soft, light fabric of your t-short. There is very light padding in the cups, just enough to stop showing off your nipples through the t-shirt.

If you do not want to add size to your natural breast size, consider thinly padded cups unlike a push-up bra padding.

non wired bra8. Non-Wired Bra

Non-wired are the traditional most common bras. These days the bras are wired for extra support and sturdy shape.

Non-wired bras are just regular bras with no wires as supports. These can come in a variety of style and shape, just with no wires running under the cups.

bandeau bra9. Bandeau Bra

A bandeau bra is just a strip of cloth over your breasts. They are a cross over between tube top and strapless bra. Bandeau bra is made of stretchy fabric and do not have a fastening in the back. They go on over your head and come with detachable straps to wear with or without straps.

There is no shaping with this bra and this is by no means a supportive bra. This is therefore great for smaller breasts. The best part of this kind of bra is the vibrant color and exciting prints that it can come in.

10. Sports Bra

If you do lots of exercise, then make sure that you give yourself as much support as possible by investing in a decent sports bra. Obviously, it will depend to some extent on the type of sport that you do, but if you’re involved in any sports where you run about a lot, then you’ll need a sports bra. Get a bra that fits and feels comfortable, and, most importantly, offers you the support that you need. A sports bra for a yoga routine offers comfort and greater movement, whereas a sports bra for for jogging should be firm enough to avoid bounce and also be made to breathe well to reduce sweat.

minimizer bra11. Minimiser Bra

Just as padded bras are for women with small bust size, minimser bras on the contrary are designed for females who have average to large busts, and would like to make them appear smaller. Depending on your size, style and type of minimiser bra, the breast appearance could be reduced by an inch or two. The cups have full coverage and the elasticated fabric helps compress the breasts, whilst still giving a good silhouette. Underwires are often used for support.

As with other bras for women with heavy busts, minimiser bras are also designed with wider straps for comfort and support when compared to standard bras.

adhesive stick on bra12. Adhesive or Stick-On Bra

Stick-on bras are usually made of silicone. Then there are also ones that are made of foam. Stick-on or adhesive bras are also available in fabric and look more like a normal strapless bra that has had the back cut off. Adhesive bras or stick-on bras have side wings to hold them on.

Most lingerie stores stock the silicone bra types and they will also be accompanied with bra accessories like extenders, extra straps etc.

II. Shapewear

Every woman’s lingerie drawer should have some shapewear in it. There are lots of different styles of shapewear to choose, in a range of colours and made from different materials, but the common element about all shapewear is that it helps to keep any wobbly bits you may have tucked away. So, whether you want to fit into that little black dress for the Christmas party, or want to look elegant for an important business meeting, shapewear can help to accentuate your figure. Have a shop around and try different items on to get a feel for what is most comfortable and flattering for your size and shape.

III. Seamless underwear

It doesn’t matter what types of panties you have in your lingerie drawer, the main thing is to ensure that you opt for seamless ones. The secret of wearing seamless underwear is that you won’t get any embarrassing visible panty lines, which is a complete no-no when it comes to fashion styling. There are lots of different types of seamless panties you could buy. Choose some for everyday wear, and others for more special occasions. Don’t forget to mix and match colors as well. There’s no reason why your underwear drawer should be made up of just white or black panties!


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IV. A Slip

slipsSlips not only look lovely and can make you feel incredibly good, but they serve a really useful purpose, too. If you have a sheer dress that is made from delicate materials, then you’ll need to wear a slip underneath to ensure that your outfit isn’t see-through. Slips are also handy for wrap dresses, which can leave you unravelled if it’s windy outside. When buying a slip, consider getting either a full length one or a half slip – or both! Stick to a light, neutral, skin tone coloured slip, which will look the most natural.

V. Babydolls & Chemises

babydolls lingerieWhat is your lingerie collection worth if you don’t stock a few babydolls & chemises. For many women, not just dressing in style on he outside is important, but also wearing intimate apparel is a smart way to boost confidence and feel beautiful within. Luxurious lingerie is not just designed to express personal style and look sexy, but also to feel good.

Two of the popular pieces of luxury lingerie are babydolls and chemises. They are very similar but do have a very subtle difference.

Cut & Lengthschemise lingerie

Both babydoll and chemise are sleeveless night gowns with thin straps. Babydoll is nipped in at the waist and then flows loosely down the body. A chemise however follows the shape of the body more closely at bust and hips

A babydoll usually comes down a little higher, only to the upper thigh. It is short, hence mostly sold with matching panties. A chemise can be of any length. Its hem can stop at the hips, or go all the way to the ankles or fall anywhere in between.

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