Styling Orange Statement Necklace

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October has just begun we are looking forward to a colorful fall. Nothing can be as splendid as the beautiful fall colors. The wind, sun, rain and cool breeze play games all day long. Golden browns, raking leaves; you can actually smell the wet leaves and the damp ground. Everything about autumn is so unbelievably beautiful. And then there is apple pie too.

At Mall of Style, we wanted to offer you the latest and trendy accessories for fall. This season we welcome the vibrant color trends in accessories. Keeping in mind the fall outfits with full sleeves and sweaters, at we are focusing on showcasing the most unique and attractive sweater necklaces.

Radiant and spunky colors, use of gems paired with perfectly bold highlights are in fashion. Colorful baubles, statements and boho accessories have been making up to the ramp. Statements have always been our customer’s favorite. Bold Statements just create a personality and can spice up your simple outfit. When you are buying statements, pick pastel or neon colors. Learn how to pick the right statement necklace.

Orange Statement Necklace

Orange Statement Necklace

Talking about Statements, we would like to share a picture of Tori from Fashion, trends & more styling one of our Statement Necklaces. Tori is inclined towards fashion & blogging. She is interested in studying fashion merchandising & journalism.

So here is a cool picture of Tori styling Mall of Style’s trendy Chunky Orange Statement Necklace. You can read the full post here.

Do visit the new arrivals to check what we have for you this fall. Hope you have a great time racking leaves.