Statement Necklaces – How to wear it right?

Statement Necklaces – How to wear it right?
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Statement Necklaces are absolutely the must have fashion trends. Big & bold, the fact that just a single piece of jewelry can make you look entirely different is amazing. Celebrities and fashion women have been seen styling statement necklaces also referred as bibs, baubles, personality or collar necklaces.

While each of these bold pieces makes a fashion statement, wearing it right to rock the look like a pro is absolutely must. Here are some rules to follow, when you style one of these trendy fashion statements.


Accessory – Statement Necklaces are designed to shout out and make a statement. These should not be used like an add-on accessory. When you style a bib, it has to be seen as an outfit in totality. Keep your dress and look very basic and let the statement do all the talking. Avoid other fashion accessories; else it would look too crowded. Slender accessories may work, but the rule is ‘less is more’.

Dress – Pair a multicolored bib or a gold choker necklace with a simple, solid top or dress so that all the focus goes to the jewelry. Simple neckline, without a lot of fabric or ruffles work well. When donning a bold necklace, keep the rest of your look simple and sleek.


Statement Necklaces are meant to be styled with both high & low neckline. However some basic rules apply. When you style a statement, find a necklace that falls between your neckline and neck. Choosing the right necklace length is very important for your overall ensemble. Too much space between the necklace and the top or too low that it sits in your cleavage never gives a classy look.

Low Neckline – With a low neckline, check if the jewelry goes well with the neckline shape and does not create an imbalance to your waistline.

High Neckline – If the outfit neckline is too high, you can wear a long statement, however the necklace should create a good contrast to the fabric and color of your top.

Collared – A trendy way to sport a statement is to wear it with a collared blouse. The necklace should be sized right to perfectly fit under the collar with a little peek out. Blouse must be buttoned up to create an impact.


Statement necklaces are meant to be noticed, give them enough space to show-off by minimizing distractions. It’s best to wear your hair back up to form a pony or a bun and give the spotlight to the statement. If your hair covers up the statement necklace, you would defeat the purpose of wearing one.


Be bold to breach the style and wear the statement. Pick a plain outfit and add a statement to bring some color and revive your outfit. Neon Bauble Necklaces or Geometric Necklaces will enhance the outfit and take away the dreary look.

These are some basic rules of wearing the trendy jewelry of 2013. Be bold to style one of them. Share your tips on wearing these bold statement jewelry.

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