Messenger Bags for Men – A Fashion Wave

Messenger Bags for Men – A Fashion Wave
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Messenger bags for men are more than just a fashion accessory. Most often, fashion and fashionable accessories are associated with females. However, today we will look at this cool, urban fashion styling for men. Although they are a style statement, messenger bags are high on usability. Sometimes they can be incredibly useful forms of transporting valuable items! Surprising, right? Well I am here to point out this one type of bag that can be a life saver for those who move around a lot during the day and need a way to keep what ever they are carrying safe and secure, while still being able to walk (or even cycle) comfortably. That’s right, today I am talking to you about messenger bags.

Messenger Bags

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags have been around for a very long time. But only recently have they become both useful AND easy on the eyes. With a spike in popularity over the last couple of years, the messenger bag design has undergone a lot of change. Although they stick to the same principles, their looks can vary. You can now get messenger bags designed specifically for men or women. Or messenger bags designed to specifically carry your laptop, or camera equipment, or if you are looking to carry just smaller but equally important and valuable nik naks around with you, then there are messenger bags designed for that too. They can even be more specific than that. There are some out there designed to carry specifically a 17″ laptop, or what ever size yours is, and there are some designed to have that “vintage army canvas” look, or my personal favorite, the “black canvas & leather” look. Perfect for people who find themselves travelling to business meetings more often than they would like!

But honestly, it’s the cyclists out there that are really in love with this bag. There are a lot of you, out there who cycle, and most bags just aren’t up for job of carrying your valuables while you cycle. Although your standard backpacks are useful, they can still be uncomfortable and not very nice to look at. However there are messenger bags designed specifically to fix this problem. They are designed to attach directly to your bike, leaving your shoulders free to feel comfortable and allowing you to look good in the process.

Why Messenger Bags?

Why do men need a messenger bag? What is wrong with the age old backpack? Here is why we think the messenger bags are important and if anyone finds one or the other reason important to them, messenger bags is the accessory to go for.

  1. Urban Look: Messenger bags give that urban metro-sexual look. They are great style quotients. So if you are one of those who prefer usage with style, go for these.
  2. Sizes: The messenger bags come in different sizes – small, medium and large. Depending on what you will need them for, you can pick one that suits you best.
  3. Color: The colors are not a restriction on messenger bags. Although bright and neon colors may not be first choice for many men, they offer a large variety of colors to be picked from. Black and tan are available, but they should not be the only choices to live with.
  4. Material: Messenger bags are available in canvas, leather, suede, fabric and more. There are no limitations on the material that can be used for messenger bags..
  5. Organization: The large number of pockets, keep your things in an organized fashion. That will help you reach out for what you are looking for, very easily.
  6. Comfort: Messenger bags are very comfortable to carry with one strap running across the chest. Who would like two straps on the shoulders running through the back in cris-cross?

Types of Messenger Bags for Men

Messenger bags come in a large variety of shape, size and fabric. Based on your need you can select one that fits your usage. We have a ton of options when it comes to types of handbags for women. Why shouldn’t men have choices? Messenger bags for men can be categorized as below:

  1. The satchel or the newsboy bag
  2. The vertical messenger bag
  3. The military bag
  4. The camera bag
  5. The multi pocket organizer messenger bag
  6. Saddle bags
  7. The briefcase messenger bag
  8. Tote
  9. The biker’s messenger bag

1. The Satchel or the Newsboy Bag

The satchel or newsboy messenger bag falls under the category of classic style messenger bags for men. It is traditionally made of canvas on the exterior and has a little less formal look. This messenger bag is suitable for the students on the go. It makes a fashion statement and exudes style and masculinity.

Style with: Campus chic wear

2. The Vertical Messenger Bag

vertical-messenger-bagMost messenger bags are wide horizontally. The vertical messenger bag as the name suggests are tall. They come in variety of fabrics, canvas and leather. It is usually strapped across the shoulders.

Style with: Leisure wear

3. The Military Bag

military-messenger-bagThis messenger bag is inspired by army. It is rough and rugged in nature. The military messenger bag is mainly made of canvas. It includes leather elements or badges. Military messenger bags have several pockets and come in military green or khaki. This style of messenger bag is durable and very practical for everyday use.

Style with: Khakis and cargos

4. The Camera Bag

camera-messenger-bagThe camera bag features one big compartment on the inside and it has several smaller pockets inside and outside. To style the camera bag, you do not have to necessarily be a photographer. This bag is designed to accommodate photographer’s gadget like cables, chargers, cameras, lenses, batteries, flashlights etc.

Style with: Casual or formals

5. Multi-Pocket Organizer Messenger Bag

multi-pocket-messenger-bagThe name says it all – one the best messenger bags for men. This multi-pocket bag is inspired by utility workers as well as hunters and fishermen.  It has a lot of pockets on the outside for reaching out to utility tools quickly. Don’t be surprised if you see a young dad carry this utility messenger bag with baby gadgets. Most multi-pocket messenger bags are made of fabric with leather accents. This kind of bag is also useful for people who like travelling often.

Style with: Cargos

6. Saddle bags

saddle-bagsSaddle bags have a distinct rounded frontal flap. Originally designed to make it an easy and stylish bag to be used by horseback riders. These days the saddle bags are in fashion for their cool urban looks.

Style with: Smart casuals

7. The Briefcase Messenger Bag

briefcase-leather-messenger-bagThe briefcase messenger bag is primarily a leather messenger bag.  It has a very retro look and always has a frontal flap. The flap has one or two buckle straps to fasten the bag. It may also have outer frontal pockets.

Style with: Formals

8. Tote

tote-bagsA tote is the urban approach to the age old classic briefcase. It resembles an an artisan’s bag, and suits with the casual business attire. Its is designed in soft leather and the exteriors has a very classic design. It has long handles giving it a very contemporary edge. It is great for carrying laptops and files.

Style with: Business casuals

9. Biker’s Messenger Bags


Bikers messenger bags are light-weight, water-proof and rest diagonally across the rider’s back and have a stabilizing strap across the chest to secure the bag firmly. It has outside pockets that hold, phone or water bottle. Great for bikers, these biker’s messenger bags have lot of velcro usage with reflective stickers to avoid any night time causalities.

Style with: Athletic wear

How to Select Messenger Bags for Men?

With so many options, how do you decide on what kind of messenger bag to settle for. There is no rule of thumb, but there are some factors that you can keep in mind in order to select the bag that fits your needs.

  1. Your height and build. Choose a messenger bag that suits your body shape. As much as it is great to look trendy and stylish, it is absolutely important to pick something  that goes with your height and body shape. Maintain proportions. If you are short and wide, choose a bag that is slim and perhaps vertical. A medium-sized bag would be good. If you are tall, you can go for something large in size.
  2. Utility: You need to choose the type of bag based on the kind of activity you are going to take it to. A bag used by a hunter would be a lot different that one for carrying a laptop or a camera. There are different sizes available and different styles. Go for a professional look if you are going to use it for office.
  3. Budget: Choose your messenger bag on your budget as well. While it is not necessary that an expensive bag would be better for you, but combine budget and utility together to make the decision on which bag to pick. Buying something that is cheap, but not serving the purpose would be a mistake.
  4. Material: If you are very particular about the material, make sure you buy the material you need. While fabric is less expensive, it is not waterproof. Leather is water proof but comes at a cost. Then there are suede leather and canvas as other options.
  5. Style: Buy a bag that meets your style as well. If you are someone who is usually dressed in shorts and khaki’s, a military messenger bag may fit your style. On the other hand, it would look great to carry a satchel or briefcase if you are dressed in ties and blazers for the most part. If you are one travelling a lot, opt for a multi-pocket organizer.
  6. Comfort: When buying any of the messenger bags, check for the strap that is adjustable for you. You should also consider the cushion in the shoulder strap.

Messenger bags certainly aren’t for everyone, but they can be the perfect accessory for many. But whether they are your cup of tea or not, there is no denying that they are quickly becoming a fashion statement. Whether you are a school student or have a white collar job, whether you are a utility worker or an athlete, there is one messenger bag that will definitely suit your needs.

Let is know what you think of this article and which bag you think seems to be a better fit for you.

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