Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas
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Are you looking for celebrating Christmas with your family with a beautifully decorated tree with lots of light, garlands and special ornaments? Christmas tree decorations symbolizes the festivity of the season. With busy schedules, you won’t have much time to plan about the Christmas tree decorations. Just like it is important to celebrate with Christmas cards, gifts, decoration is equally important. Here are some tips for you to do the decoration brilliantly with all the Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments and to make everyone happy and astonish them with your brilliance.

1. Get a suitable tree

To get a suitable Christmas tree to decorate is important. It can be fake or real. If your tree is real, make sure that it is trimmed neatly. If it is not trimmed well, do it by yourself. But don’t overdo the trimming and destroy all its natural beauty. If your tree is fake, you can start the decorations for your Christmas tree directly.

2. Pick out a theme for Christmas tree decorations

It is good to have a theme for decoration. The best Christmas themes are normally gold, silver, blue and red. If you have home decorations like vintage Christmas ornaments, take them out from the attic. If you don’t have them buy some according to the theme you picked out. Besides the lights, especially the shining led lights, there should be some long ribbons and garlands which are made out of colored beads to highlight your theme.

3. Hang the Christmas lights

The first step of Christmas tree decoration is hanging of the Christmas lights. Christmas lights usually come on white or green wire strands. Choose the strand color suitable to your theme and the tree so that the wire will be hidden when they were hung on the tree. Illuminating the light on your Christmas tree from the inside out will give it the most astounding look. It is good to start from the base of the tree and make your way towards the top, wrap lights around every big branches of the tree, moving from the trunk to the tip of the branch and then back. It is always good to know the type of Christmas lights available in the market so that you can make a quick selection by asking for it directly without wasting time for to see all the varieties and decide afterwards.

Incandescent lights: They are the traditional and most popular ones among Christmas lights and comes in a large variety of sizes and colors. They warm up the branches of a live tree, that will make the pleasant scent of pine fill into the room.

LED lights: These Christmas tree lights use less power to lighten up and they won’t produce much heat. Though they are more expensive, they are fire proof, flame proof and totally safe to decorate your Christmas tree and if your baby was tempted to pull them, he will be safe.

Globe lights: Globe lights are the next type of Christmas tree lights. They are round shaped and come in many sizes and colors. They seem like color balls on the Christmas tree. Since they have a softer glow than the mini lights, the light they radiate can spread out to a large area on the tree.

Bubble lights: These are retro lights that can stand straight up on the small branches of the Christmas tree. They can release bubbles like lava lamps, when the liquid tube fixed on the top of them is warmed up.

Analyse these varieties of Christmas lights types and choose the suitable ones for your Christmas tree. A combination of different lights will be more spectacular especially if you have a live tree.

4. Add the Christmas garlands

christmas-tree-decorationsNext step is the decoration with the Christmas garlands. The bead garlands are the most important ones among the garlands. To avoid the congested effect after the decoration with the garlands, start at the upper part of the Christmas tree and slowly increase the length between each wave as you move down.  It is better to use two strands of garland for each vertical end of the Christmas tree. Same colored garlands may evoke a busy look on the tree. To avoid that, use different choices of garlands, from fancy to plain. Beaded thin garlands look brilliant when hung from branch to branch. Thicker paper garlands, colored ribbons, foil garlands etc. also can look beautiful when wrapped around loosely over the entire tree.

5. It is time for the Christmas ornaments

The next stage in the Christmas tree decoration is the hanging of the Christmas tree ornaments. To exhibit your favorite ornaments, hang them in the prime positions of the tree in advance. Next, hang the larger ornaments, evenly placing them around the tree. Then fill in the area around them with medium sized and small ornaments. A few ornaments hung closer to the trunk of the tree will create interest and depth.

6. Hang the star and angel

Now you can come to the end the Christmas tree decoration process by adding the special items like clip on ornaments and icicles. The final step is the adding of the star and the angel on the top of the tree. With that final touch your tree is decoration is completed and will look beautiful. Switch on the light to enjoy its glory and join to appreciate it with your dear ones.

While decorating during Christmas symbolizes the celebration, what is most important is spending quality time with your family. Enjoy food, togetherness, gifts and stay warm. Merry Christmas!!