8 Tips to Pair Earrings and Outfits

8 Tips to Pair Earrings and Outfits
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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror in a perfect dress for an occasion, with great makeup, outstanding hairstyle and nice footwear to complement your outfit? But you don’t feel complete or ready to go. You tell yourself; “There is something still missing”. And bam, you realize that you didn’t put your earrings on. The way you pair earrings and outfits is important. With the addition of a nice pair of earrings with complementary colors and design, you just feel complete and ready to go. You, however, need to know how to match earrings with an outfit.

Earrings are very important to all women; be it the small school girl, the young lady in college, the middle age women at the peak of her career or the elderly in her retirement. Earrings can break or make an outfit. No attire is complete without a complementary earring. This is the case in any occasion; be it work, a casual visit, party or a formal occasion. But deciding on the right earrings to match a particular outfit can be time consuming at times, and sometimes we just want someone to make the decision for us.

pair earrings and outfits

1. Choose your earrings in front of a mirror

Choosing from a lot of earrings can be very challenging sometimes. However, one way to perfectly and quickly make your choice of earrings for an outfit is to have several earrings held up to your ear, looking at the mirror. You should do this after you are fully dressed. In front of the mirror determine which of your earrings fits in with your dress or outfit, hairdo, makeup, handbag and footwear. As you patiently repeat holding up several earrings while in front of the mirror, one will stand out. That is your choice earrings for your outfit.

2. Ask for opinion

Experience has shown that sometimes the decision of which earring fits well with an outfit is better made by someone else. Ask someone, or people around you for their opinion. It could be you friend or family member. If you are married your husband could help with his own opinion. Some men are great with identifying the perfect earrings for an outfit.

3. Match earrings and outfit color

One important rule about fashion is having the right blend of colors. As you wear earrings it is more appealing when there is a match in color between the earrings and your outfit. Earrings with colored stones and gems or colorful chandelier earrings works well with bright clothes. Assuming you want to wear a colorful dress to an occasion. One tip is to choose same color of earrings that will match the color of the dress. You could decide to use color of earrings that is the same with the color of a shape or print in the dress.

how to match earrings and outfits

4. Pair as contrasts

In many cases wearing earrings whose colors are in contrast with color of the dress can be great. One color brings out the color of the other. The color of the outfit brings out the color of the earring and vice versa. For instance you could wear a black dress with a white color earrings or the opposite.

5. Match earrings with accessories

Most people believe that the choice of the earring should solely depend on the outfit. That may not be always true. There are other fashion accessories that complement and augment the outfit. Accessories includes; handbags, bracelets, watches, belts and most importantly necklaces. So, in choosing which earring to wear, consider the accessories you are going to use. For instance a silver earring will be perfect for a hand bag with silver lining, a silver bracelet or a silver necklace. Another example is using an earring that has a tinge of color that is common in most of the accessories you are using for the occasion.

earrings with necklace

6. Matching earrings with necklace

Have you ever been in a situation where several of your earrings just matches the outfit you wish to wear for an occasion and  you are now finding it difficult to decide which earring to put on since they are all great? The solution here is to make your choice based on the necklace you are putting on. Necklace and earring go a long way to increase the overall quality of your appearance and as well add more beauty to your outfit.

7. Drop earrings and your outfits

Beautiful pair of drop earrings can give an outfit a quick tinge of sparkle and color. Drop earrings are great with dresses. A nice slender gemstone drop earring is ideal for short dress, while an elaborate drop earring are great with long dresses. Drop earring with animals, retro toys and peace signs will be great with vintage dresses.


8. Pair earrings and outfits for different occasions

Different occasion gives rise to different outfits. The outfit you wear to a wedding is quite different from the one you wear to school or work. Different outfit implies different earrings as well. Therefore, the type of earring you wear to different occasions and event can break or make your outfit. For instance the best earrings to wear to school or work are earrings that do not dangle. Example of appropriate earrings are simple flower earrings accompanied by dresses that have lace, sequins or ruffles with matching colors of outfit. Earrings for occasions such as party, dance or club are simple stud with colors that match your outfit. For church, wedding and funerals stud earrings with gems or pearls along with classic outfit are wonderful. Simple silver or gold hoops are good if you are going to a casual visit. Also Hoops is good with cocktail dress or fashionable black dress. However medium size hoops is better.

Finally, it is very important to understand that there are no guidelines or technique to get the right combination. The choice of earring depends majorly on the outfit and also on the accessories you intend to use. In addition, it is recommended that you choose something that gives you comfort.

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