20 MUST HAVE Fashion Accessories every woman should Own

20 MUST HAVE Fashion Accessories every woman should Own
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With the word fashion, comes a stereotype thought of supermodels catwalk on the ramp, high profile designers showcasing their talent from NYC to Paris, expensive clothing, lot is attitude and of course lots and lots of money. It’s not just clothes but there are also must have fashion accessories every women should own. There is more to fashion than just that. Fashion has now leaked into modern America and is in our culture. It does not just impact what we wear and who we are on the outside. The effect of fashion is also seen in as who we are on the inside. While the old saying is true – Manners maketh a man. It would not be wrong to say – Clothes maketh a man too.

Fashion however is not confined to the clothes we wear. It is an overall personality, an attitude. Fashion defines us head to toe. Clothes are just one aspect of fashion, the rest is of it is fashion accessories. Usage of the fashion accessories can bring in a big difference to how one looks. In fact accessories can glam up a dull and boring outfit and create a spark.

While fashion accessories are numerous and possessing all of them may not be possible for every fashionista. Here we have compiled a list of top 20 must have fashion accessories that we shortlisted from 108 contenders. This perhaps may vary based on country and culture, however about 80% of what is mentioned here should be every woman’s possession. Well, every fashion woman’s possession.

20 Must Have Fashion Accessories


1. Evening clutch purse
2. Day leather tote
3. Chain link bag


4. Skinny black belt
5. Bold leather belt


6. Chunky bold statement
7. Tassel / sweater necklace
8. Statement / midi rings
9. Big pave studs
10. Gold hoops / danglers
11. Gold cuff bracelets


12. Pumps with pointed front
13. Gladiators
14. Wellington boots


15. Designer watch
16. Pair of sunglasses
17. Scarf / bandana
18. Style hat for summers
19. Winter headgear
20. Leather gloves

This was a compiled list of 20 must have accessories that every fashion woman’s wardrobe should have. In this post we have not covered the must have clothing and we would talk about that in a separate article. However, when it comes to fashion accessories, we figured out that you can pretty well, get into the trend by mix match of the above 20 gems. Please share your opinion, if liked this post or you think we should include any other mandatory fashion accessory.

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